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Zyrain -> Birthday Specials (1/17/2010 15:45:06)

I have decided to take over with this Thread. :P
This Thread is so that members can make Birthday Gifts for other members.
Please Post using this Format;
Name: Day Month
Example; Zyrain: 22nd May
For corrections, use that Format and your current details on the list.
Please DON'T Post your Age! Thank you. :)
  • Thread I
  • Thread II

    Smalls: 1st
    zoenadam: 4th
    the person!: 5th
    Clawful Flames: 7th
    biG frend: 9th
    rockerswild: 10th
    Viking_Jorun: 11th
    Encore: 12th
    nteal: 13th
    bootz: 16th
    dxb105: 16th
    Dalesh: 18th
    ^Shadow^: 21st
    PazzBoI: 23rd
    Eddie12390: 24th
    Sea: 29th
    Trillionaire: 29th
    !?: 30th

    CaMoFlage 1334: 2nd
    Halo Shinobi: 3rd
    Driger89: 9th
    Andrew A.: 13th
    Wolfythegreat: 13th
    _AcOlYtiC_: 30th

    VampireHSS: 4th
    _Affliction_: 5th
    Xusha: 7th
    MonsterEnergy: 24th
    Zero Hex: 25th
    Morgoth: 26th
    golden rod: 28th
    [Aegis]: 31st

    Silver Lion: 3rd
    Mecha Mario: 3rd
    deathslayer41: 6th
    normie: 7th
    Nicky: 10th
    Saerokeon: 10th
    Vamparagon: 13th
    jiggibidy: 19th
    Romanv12: 25th
    Afina: 28th
    Alexcool: 28th
    sela29: 29th
    Tarnak: 29th
    Dr@gon: 30th
    John Anderson Smith: 30th

    Mavric: 2nd
    Nickwright: 2nd
    X~Zaros~X: 4th
    MistNinja: 6th
    Sabre: 8th
    Jimip: 8th
    Dream: 13th
    rsmichael: 14th
    cohonn: 16th
    Dabbleh: 17th
    drakel masta!: 17th
    Moriku 1133: 20th
    smartix90: 22nd
    Zyrain: 22nd
    Severin: 23rd
    Brownie: 25th
    Inferno123: 25th
    Dilbert201: 30th

    BeefStew: 1st
    lalala person: 6th
    TheShadowed1: 7th
    Alpha Atom: 12th
    Iguan: 12th
    Sir Dorigo III: 14th
    Mobuis: 16th
    Davyo: 18th
    penguin moglin: 18th
    englishippie: 21st
    .Silver: 24th
    _Depression: 25th
    DwD: 29th
    iLock: 30th

    Kereo Takana: 1st
    jimboj: 1st
    Tkill93: 1st
    Blind: 2nd
    ktt8400: 2nd
    Bramble: 3rd
    xxXxx: 5th
    PhantasmicPhorces: 10th
    Lady_Skyress: 10th
    Lilyheart Butterflies: 10th
    Tormenter: 15th
    Skilledplayer69: 16th
    ~JW~: 16th
    JJ_Legend: 17th
    OrochiQwanh: 21st
    Nightly: 22nd
    bartman101: 22nd
    Wingnut: 23rd
    Monty: 24th
    Infernoheaven: 25th
    fsdfgs: 28th

    Walt: 4th
    T@G: 8th
    chickenbakeok: 9th
    kr_mag: 11th
    ReddShadow: 12th
    Splinter123: 12th
    The Invictor: 15th
    BobbyBerserker: 15th
    Sunjeet: 16th
    Flamethrower: 17th
    independence quiad!!: 19th
    ~~~Kali~~~: 21st
    lordheadbanger: 21st
    _sephiroth_: 23rd
    I_pity_the_fool4321: 25th
    _Nicknack_: 25th
    Sir Chatalot: 25th
    Kandi: 27th
    Deemahnik: 28th

    The True Assassin: 6th
    Goodrun: 7th
    Shadow of the Night: 9th
    wu218: 10th
    Mr. Zarnac: 11th
    Althorne: 15th
    Cloud_Strife: 15th
    Phenna: 17th
    TarVanimelde: 20th
    Ebil Twilly: 23rd
    Razackie: 24th
    MegaPoster404: 26th
    metamaster: 27th
    UChihaSteven: 31st

    Big Boy: 1st
    Mo: 1st
    hernan: 1st
    Red Hawk: 5th
    Taylor R: 10th
    Scakk: 15th
    darklord517: 16th
    MAF1A: 16th
    darkrethal: 17th
    xRaedqwex: 18th
    Zorbaks brother: 20th
    //.Shadow.\\: 27th
    Andrew5a: 28th
    Kiki: 28th
    VampireSlayer2: 28th

    PyroPuppy: 1st
    ****: 2nd
    Dark Gaurdian: 2nd
    Navineous: 2nd
    Sonoko: 5th
    Skaze: 10th
    Black321: 13th
    Atriax: 17th
    DA Holder67: 17th
    EragonZZZZ: 17th
    Drakosin: 18th
    TMD: 20th
    swenn: 23rd
    dragonblader: 26th
    =Max=: 30th

    Vampragonkid: 4th
    Ironized: 6th
    xxDestroyer_of_Lightxx: 12th
    .Passion//: 13th
    maw03: 21st
    shadowlord159: 23rd
    iChar: 24th
    Priere: 25th
    biz02: 26th
    Bluemanrocks: 29th
    Treadlight: 30th
    skulllord: 30th
    JakeVasher: 31st


  • Sea -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/17/2010 15:50:40)

    Sea: January, 29

    jiggibidy -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/17/2010 15:53:42)

    jiggibidy: April 19th

    Kandi -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/17/2010 15:55:16)

    Kandi 27th August. <3333

    Alpha Atom -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/17/2010 15:55:23)

    Matt (Alpha Atom) June 12

    Zyrain -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/17/2010 16:04:28)

    All Added! ;)


    MegaPoster404 -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/17/2010 19:44:25)

    MegaPoster404: 26, September

    xRaedqwex -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/17/2010 20:12:01)

    xRaedqwex: October 18th


    Walt -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/17/2010 20:33:25)

    Walt: August, 4th

    Mecha Mario -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/17/2010 20:45:42)

    Mecha Mario: April 3rd


    I_pity_the_fool4321 -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/17/2010 20:49:01)

    Pity: August 25th

    Scakk -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/17/2010 20:57:38)

    *still wonders what this is for*

    Sea -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/17/2010 20:59:44)

    wishing them a happy birthday & giving gifts (>^_^)>

    lycan bites -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/18/2010 0:55:32)

    Wouldn't this be for the OCC Thread?

    PyroPuppy -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/18/2010 8:27:44)

    PyroPuppy: November 1st

    metamaster -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/18/2010 9:24:05)

    metamaster: September 27

    Zyrain -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/18/2010 13:05:54)

    All Added! ;)

    Scakk: As Sea has stated, it is a Thread that can help other Members organize a Birthday Gift for another person. ^_^
    lycan bites: If this Thread was in the OOC, not only would it defy the reason of it being in CA (See above.) but I'm sure it'd get Lockes as there's already the "Birthday / Leaving / Returning / Welcoming Thread". ;)

    Can we all please stick to the Format?
    Name: Day, Month
    Zyrain: 22nd May
    It just makes things alot easier for me.


    Silver Lion -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/18/2010 13:10:54)

    I forgot this thread... e.e

    Silver: April 3rd (<.<)

    Trillionaire -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/18/2010 13:40:43)

    Trillionaire: 29th January :D

    Sir Dorigo III -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/18/2010 13:46:48)

    Zy... I think there might be an error. I am being nitpicky, but:


    CaMoFlage 1334: 2nd
    Halo Shinobi: 3rd
    Driger89: 9th
    Andrew A.: 13th
    Wolfythegreat: 13th
    _AcOlYtiC_: 30th <--- How is this possible? It's February....

    Sir Dori III: 14th June

    Nightly -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/18/2010 13:48:20)

    Nightly: 22, July

    Sea -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/18/2010 14:16:27)

    in some clanadars there is a feb 30th, might as well leave it as february

    Black321 -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/18/2010 15:08:28)

    Dawg: 13, Nov

    xxDestroyer_of_Lightxx -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/18/2010 17:03:44)


    OrochiQwanh -> RE: Birthday Specials (1/18/2010 17:06:02)

    21st of July

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