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VBG Mark Warp-I(L10G), VBG Mark II(L28), VBG Mark III(L46), VBG Mark IV-Z(L46Z)
VBG Mark IV(L64), VBG Mark V-Z(L71), VBG Mark V(L82), VBG Mark Warp-VI(L100G)


VBG Mark Warp-VI
Location: Hangar Deck -> Stormfront -> Travel -> SATIREN -> MISSIONS -> Ballistic Bounty
Level: 100
Price: 119,250 gold
Sellback: 59,625 gold

PLvl: 103
Damage: 13-37
Element: Fire
Type: Ranged
BtH: +13

Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: Fire
Damage: 778% Base and Random plus 553% LS
BtH: +48
Stats: No
Rate: 20%
Note: The special deals damage to the PLAYER.

All normal Player attacks (such as the gun's normal attack but NOT the Special) deal 147.5% damage.

This fusion rifle used to belong to the famous and feared bounty hunter Erith! It is very powerful, but highly customized -- it's easy to bump the wrong button and activate its security measures! Be careful! (Guardian only)


Thanks to AVA and shmoda. Numbers thanks to Scakk. Corrections thanks to to ArchMagus Orodalf and Koree.

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