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Avantir -> Nechron Scoutships Scout What? (2/5/2010 18:34:02)

We've all (I think) heard of Nechron Scoutships. But what are they scouting? Of all the times we see them there is hardly ever a larger on there (Exceptions: Moon Base; Warp Crystals). So why are they still called that?[8|]


Nex del Vida -> RE: Nechron Scoutships Scout What? (2/6/2010 0:37:27)

They're not Nechrotized organic beings, but "sentient servant(s) that do the biddings of [their] Nechron Masters." They seem to be the scouts of the army, unsurprisingly--things like Nechron Virin, Nechron Dicero, et cetera are the footsoldiers, but the Scoutships can't really be classified as infantry because they're not organic (or Nechro-organic).

CODTim -> RE: Nechron Scoutships Scout What? (2/6/2010 3:37:06)

maybe we will find out in the later missions?

Alternia -> RE: Nechron Scoutships Scout What? (2/6/2010 4:04:29)

Scouts have many purposes (this is in general, not just nechron scoutships). It usually involves recon of an area, and any details found are reported back to headquarters.

Avantir -> RE: Nechron Scoutships Scout What? (2/6/2010 18:43:30)

I'll admit you have a point. But can you honestly say every single time we encounter them, they are doing that? I can't what about all the ties we fight them in random battles? Unless they're scouting... Us?

Nex del Vida -> RE: Nechron Scoutships Scout What? (2/6/2010 21:14:40)

I don't see why that would be surprising. We know they're part of a large enemy organization, and we know that Naaseria sends out units of her army to attack us, so why should the Nechrons be any different?

Wildroses -> RE: Nechron Scoutships Scout What? (2/7/2010 4:39:59)

Or maybe not us in particular, just every area the WarpForce is near or frequent. Generally the purpose of scouts seem to be to keep an eye on what enemy forces are doing to make sure they aren't building new bases, or training in new weapons and techniques, or preparing to attack your base. I'd say there is a good chance a bunch of these scout ships are just sent to check random areas to make sure there isn't something they should know about there.

Although our characters seem to be one of the more prominent members of the WarpForce, and have surely done enough to annoy plenty of high ranking Network guys by now, so I don't think we should dismiss the idea the scout ships are keeping an eye on us personally.

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