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ZanpakuT˘ -> Name/Gender/Base Class Change (2/12/2010 19:34:37)

[image][/image]Name/Gender/Base Class Change

Location: Falconreach -> Left -> B.M. Moglin -> Name / Gender / Class

Quests Available

B.M. Moglin

B.M. Moglin: Pssst. Hey, you. Yeah, you. I'm the Black Market Moglin, stranger. I hear you want to change something. Maybe I can help.
B.M. Moglin: Need to change your name? I have the papers for that. It'll cost you 1000 DC.
B.M. Moglin: You want to change gender? I know a spell. It'll cost you 1000 DC.
B.M. Moglin: Want to change your class? I've always been a fan of magic myself. It'll cost you 500 DC.

Other Information
You can change your Name and Gender here for DragonCoins, if you wish, along with Base Classes

Thanks to Peachii for correction.

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