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Location: Young Love, Change of Heart

Quests given

Shops owned

Young Love

Lazuli: But none of them look at us. They say we're not mature enough!
Lazuli: Hi Ash!
Lazuli: *giggle*
Lazuli: Fitting in time to train as a Knight... it's so impressive!
Lazuli: ... I could use some help getting organized, too, Ash!
Lazuli: *grumpy* Yeah. She's a little Odd. But I'm Lazuli. Lazuli Doom.
Lazuli: No, *I* have the letter.
Lazuli: I have the letter.

Change of Heart

Lazuli: He came to save ME!
Lazuli: ME!
Lazuli: *glare*
Lazuli: Which one of us did you come to save first?!
Lazuli: Well, fine! I didn't like you anyways! He probably had cooties, too!
Lazuli: Right! We'll find heroes on our own!


Thanks to Jamenja and Stephen Nix.

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