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Young Love

Other name: See how Big Daddy helps

Location: Hero's Heart Day Chapter 3 -> Big Daddy -> select a Quest! -> Young Love
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Love Letter
Release Date: February 12th, 2010

Objective: Ah, young love! So cute, so awkward, perfect for Hero's Heart Day!
Objective completed: Oh no! You and Ash better get moving and rescue those lovelorn teens!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Big Daddy
Vampire Guardian


Big Daddy: You look like you're doubting Big Daddy's plan, <Character>.
Big Daddy: You still haven't learned to have faith, baby. With your help, it'll turn out right.!

  • See how Big Daddy helps
  • Back

    Ophelia: ... There are so many gallant heroes. Strong, tall, and so brave!
    Lazuli: But none of them look at us. They say we're not mature enough!
    Ophelia: We talked to Thursday, she said you could help us! It doesn't even FEEL like Hero's Heart Day for us!
    Big Daddy: And that makes Big Daddy sad. You girls deserve hearts and flowers and sparkles just like everyone else.
    Big Daddy: Luckily I anticipated something like this.
    Big Daddy: We should be having a visitor any minute now...

    Minutes pass...

    Big Daddy: Annnny minute now...

    More minutes pass...

    Big Daddy: No, I'm serious...
    <Character>: Here he comes, I think..
    Ash comes in
    Ash: *Huff... puff...*
    Ash: I finally found you, sir! I know you asked me to keep an eye on any letters going to and from Lord Frydae's mansion.
    Ash: And I finally found one! It was in my letter bag by mistake, I think.
    Ash: I've got to get it back to Lord Frydae! And...
    Ash: ...
    Ash: And... um.. Oh. Hello! I, uh... Hi.
    Ash: I...
    Big Daddy: Didn't see them there, because you were so focused on your task?
    Ash: Right. Exactly.
    Big Daddy: Well, I think you can handle things on your own now, Ash. With the letter, I mean, <Character>'s here if you need a hand.
    Big Daddy leaves and Ash looks around
    Ash: I- Hi! I'm... Ash DragonBlade.
    Ophelia: We know.
    Lazuli: Hi Ash!
    Lazuli & Ophelia: *giggle*
    Ophelia: You do so many things for people!
    Lazuli: Fitting in time to train as a Knight... it's so impressive!
    Ash: *(puffs up chest)*
    <Character>: Oh boy..
    Ophelia: How do you keep track of everything you have to do?
    Ash: Well, you see, I keep lists. And calendars. And sticky notes.
    Ophelia: It must take a great deal of organization!
    Ash: Oh, it's easy to learn, really! You just have to get used to it.
    Ash: I bet I could help you work out a system. I mean... if you wanted.
    Ash: You wouldn't have to. I just... thought I'd offer.
    Ophelia: Awww, that's so nice of you! So gentlemanly!
    <Character>: *gag*
    Lazuli: ... I could use some help getting organized, too, Ash!
    Ash: Oh, well, um... I'm sure your friend could help you, once I show her.
    Ash: I didn't catch her name.
    Ophelia: Hehe! I'm Ophelia!
    Lazuli: *grumpy* Yeah. She's a little Odd. But I'm Lazuli. Lazuli Doom.
    Ash: It's nice to meet you, Ophelia. Er, I mean, both of yo-
    ???: *Hisssss*
    Ash: Whoa!
    Undead come
    Vampire Guardian: Master says the letter is here!
    Vampire Guardian: He says he can feeeeeel it!
    Ghoul: Give ussss the letterrr!
    Ash: Oh, well, if you're here for the letter, I can just-
    Ophelia: I have the letter!
    Lazuli: No, *I* have the letter!
    Ash: But--
    Ophelia & Lazuli: I have the letter!
    Ghoul: *GROWL*
    Vampire Guardian: Then we'll just take you both AND the letter!
    They attack you and Ash and take the girls
    Ash: I...
    Ash: I... couldn't save them..

  • Save the girls! - Complete Quest

    Thanks to
    -- Jamenja.
    -- Stephen Nix for the link.
    -- Peachii for corrections.

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