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Kosefira -> =UCaG= Reminder (2/13/2010 19:42:02)

A number of you are failing to follow some of the UCaG Rules, despite claiming to have read them by posting the disclaimer.

Any new prospective game/contest posted in Pending Games must have links to any existing approved games owned by the member. If there are no existing approved games being run by the member, a statement to that effect must be made in your pending game/contest topic (eg "I have no current approved games"). Failure to do so results in instant decline.

Please indicate in the TITLE of your pending game whether the game is "Under Construction" or "Complete". Games which do not contain one of these two things in the title will NOT be assessed, and will be declined - no matter how detailed the game is.

Sneaky Rules Disclaimer rule: To establish the fact that you have read these rules, ALL games/contests posted in the Pending Contests and Games forum must include the following disclaimer:

I have read the Comprehensive Rules/ UCaG Rules before posting and am willing to accept all consequences that will happen if I break said rules.

Failure to include the disclaimer in your pending game will result in an instant decline.

A new rule has been put in place regarding incomplete games.

Incomplete Pending games: Owners of Games left incomplete 14 days after it was created will be notified via PM about the status of their game. If the game is still incomplete a further 14 days after that, the game will be deleted regardless of the last time it was updated.

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