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Stephen Nix -> Snuggle-Gram Delivery! (2/14/2010 23:23:54)

Snuggle-Gram Delivery!

Other name: Deliver Snuggle-Gram

Location: Hero's Heart Day Chapter 1 -> Talk to Big Daddy -> select a Quest! -> Deliver Snuggle-Gram,
Hero's Heart Day Chapter 2 -> Talk to Big Daddy -> select a Quest! -> Deliver Snuggle-Gram,
Hero's Heart Day Chapter 3 -> Talk to Big Daddy -> select a Quest! -> Deliver Snuggle-Gram,
Hero's Heart Day Chapter 8 -> Talk to Orb d'Amour -> select a Quest! -> Deliver Snuggle-Gram
Level/Quest/Items required: Equip Snugglebear Armor
Release Date: February 14th, 2007

Objective: Make your way through the Forest of Infinite Terror and deliver the Snuggle-Gram to a broken hearted villager.
Objective completed: Successful Snuggle-Gram delivery! For a job well done you will earn a Token of Affection which you can turn in to Big Daddy for rare Hero Heart Day items.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(X) Cuddlebeast
(X) Glob of Love
(X) Love Bug

Hero's Heart Day Villager

Token of Affection
Snugglebear Helm

Hero's Heart Day Chapter 1-2
Big Daddy: Ready to deliver some Snuggle-Grams? Got your Special Armor on?

Hero's Heart Day Chapter 8
Orb d'Amour: Ready to deliver some Snuggle-Grams? Got your Special Armor on?

  • Deliver Snuggle-Gram - Starts Quest
  • Special Armor
  • Back

    Shows you the picture of... Snuggle-Gram
  • Begin Delivery

    After you fight monsters and deliver the Snuggle-Gram (which is random every time). Note: The character and heart-broken villager's speech bubbles have no name tag:

    <Character>: Snuggle-Gram!
    Villager: <Random quote from the list below>
    <Character>: *Sings the Snuggle-Gram theme song!*
  • Dance Move 1
  • Dance Move 2
  • Get the words! - takes you to Dragonfable's Snuggle Gram Official Lyrics page.

    Villager: Wow! A bouquet of <Flowers> and a/an/the <Gift>! Just what I wanted!



    Possible quotes from the heart-broken villager
    "A Snugglegram? Really? For me!?"
    "Awesome! I love watching grown heros embarrass themselves!"
    "Awwww, they must care about me a lot to make you go through this"
    "Hahaha! Now THIS is a kodiak moment!"
    "Hahahahaha... you look funny."
    "Holy! A giant talking bear!"
    "It is a good thing I did not bring my pic-a-nic basket!"
    "No way, this is so amazing!"
    "O... M.... G......"
    "Seriously... how much are they paying you? This is too funny."
    "This is unbearably funny!"
    "Um... you are not some psycho that is going to rob me, right?"
    "Well... we know what you would do for a Klondike bar."
    "Whatcha dressed up like that fur?"
    "Whoa... are you advertising... fabric softener?"
    "WHOA... you're that hero... hahahahaha!"
    "Wrong holiday... Mogloween is in October! Oh... a Snuggle-Gram?"
    "Wow! Know I know why the sign said 'Do not feed the Snuggle-Bears.'"
    "Wow, they must really love me!"
    "You... know you'r wearing a bear suit... right?"

    angel kissed tulips
    black roses with cute little skulls on them
    dancing daisies
    fake roses
    flowers that smells like rotten meat
    flowers with an angry fairy hanging on the side
    flowers with babies bad breath
    fury feathers with a rose at the center
    gigantic dino-flower-saurs
    giant sunflowers
    gold coated roses
    hungry venus fly traps
    mandrake roots
    overpriced lilies
    really expensive flowers
    sweet smelling roses
    well arranged weeds with bugs
    year old sunflowers

    assorted box of dork chocolates
    chocolate cake with a file hidden in the middle
    box of chocolate covered mystery thingies
    box of nougatty nougat nuggets
    box of partially chewed milk duds
    box of pink hearts with words on them
    box of semisour chocolates
    box of spider-silk chocolate
    diamond ring
    elemental chocolates of darkness
    giftbox of unbeaten chocolate
    heart shaped container of heart shaped candy
    love letter with a lot of typos
    magical chocolate spork
    partially chewed milk duds
    posessed teddy bear
    super special box of milk chalk-o-lot
    zorbak and twilly plushie combo!

    Thanks to
    -- Jamenja.
    -- Paz Vi for reward.

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