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Love Is In The Air

Other names: Missing Box, Find Missing Snuggle-Grams

Location: Hero's Heart Day Chapter 1 -> Big Daddy -> Select a Quest! -> Missing Box
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: February 14th, 2007

Objective: The wind elemental known as Blowheart has stolen a box of Big Daddy's Snuggle-Grams. Hundreds of people will remain sad and miserable if you do not recover them.
Objective completed: With Blowheart defeated and the box of stolen Snuggle-Grams returned to Big Daddy, you can now continue your deliveries.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Blowheart - Boss


Token of Affection
Snugglebear Helm

Big Daddy: An elemental named Blowheart has stolen a large box of Snuggle-Grams. He is tough so wear your normal armor. I need that box back, baby!

  • Find Missing Snuggle-Grams
  • Back

    Blowheart: NO! You can't have them back! I won't let you!
    <Character>: Listen pal, you stole those Snuggle-Grams and I've got to take them back so just hand them over.
    Blowheart: No way! Absolutely not. If you want these things back then you're going to have to go through me!
    <Character>: You're an elemental. What could you use them for anyway?
    Blowheart: I just want Big Daddy out of the Forest of Infinite Terror. You think I was born pink?
    Blowheart: He couldn't get rid of the monsters in the forest so he had us all recolored in our sleep to make us seem more cute and less threatening.
    Blowheart: If I take his Snuggle-Grams then all those people will go on being miserable, Big Daddy will go out of business and then have to leave here.
    <Character>: Oh you poor thing. So the color is permenant? You can't wash it off?
    Blowheart: Oh well, sure I can wash it off but why bathe when I can ruin Big Daddy once and for all!
    <Character>: So you can wash it off any time that you want but you would rather make hundreds of people unhappy by stealing those Snuggle-Grams?
    Blowheart: Duh...I'm a MONSTER, remember? Maybe if I kill you then he'll stop sending heroes after these things.
    <Character>: Ok, that's just....stupid. Try and kill me if you want but I'm taking that box!

    Defeat Blowheart. Afterwards, walk up to the box of Snuggle-Grams to complete the quest.

    Thanks to
    -- Jamenja.
    -- Sparticus for a correction.
    -- Peachii for correction.
    -- Voodoo Master for correction.

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