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Lord Barrius -> =Dev and Balance= Don't Fall in a Plothole! (2/15/2010 22:53:31)

Howdy, y'all! I'm in your Design Notes, postin' 'bout stuff.

You may or may not be aware, but on multiple occasions in the past, I have created "feedback threads" to ask you what you feel needs improvement about the game. The entire game staff is actively sorting through the huge list of improvements you have suggested, trying to determine which ones we can do and when to start working on them. But some of them are such broad topics that we feel it's necessary to ask you for more information. This is one of those times. There are several things I'd like to ask you all about today....

Firstly, in one of our feedback threads, someone suggested that we fix up several of the plotholes throughout the history of AQ. Well, we discussed this internally for some time and have embarrassingly realized that we don't actually have a list of all these loose ends! And believe me, kittens are usually good at finding loose strands lying around. *nod* So I've decided to ask you, the players, about this topic. Do you know of any plotholes in AQ's quest history? Are there loose ends in AQ that just drive you absolutely bonkers? If so, please share them with us! We'll bring our duct tape.

Secondly, some people mentioned they would like more customization options. What sorts of customization options were you thinking about? More faces, more colors for your Guardian Armor? Did you have a totally different idea in mind? We'd like to hear it.

Thirdly, it had been mentioned that a lot of the game's old content should be brought back. What we'd like to know is what you'd like to see back again. Is there a particular set of items that you, personally, would like to see come back? Or perhaps an old event? Maybe even both? We're interested in getting some of your ideas here. If enough people ask, then who knows? Maybe we can convince Zorbak to do a little necromancy.

And finally, some of our writers (myself included!) would like to know which NPCs you feel are the most neglected. Who would you like to see get more face-time in general? Is there a character you like who could use more of a background? Or, on the flipside, is there any character that you'd rather see less of? Let us know so that we can try to design more content focused on those individuals.

Whew! That was a lot of writing! My paws ache now. Anyways, let's hear what you've got! I'm very eager to see your replies, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that sentiment!

As always, keep in mind that we have a lot of ideas already floating around. We've got so many great things planned that we've almost filled in the entire year of 2010 already! As such, we can't promise that every interesting idea that you submit to us will be implementable right away. But if we really like an idea, we will certainly try to make it happen whenever it becomes possible.

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