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Falerin -> =Dev and Story=Surprise! A Bonus Update will be added 2/18 now! (2/17/2010 20:34:36)

Return to the Hall of Memories tomorrow for a surprise cutscene visit designed to focus the story give some hints about what has been going on in Darkovia and tease you with further clues about the fate of those past NPCs.

All serving as a lead in to the soon to be released Shadowy Door which has the potential to completely shatter perceptions.

Well maybe not shatter perceptions but at least be a rollicking fun story and good time as well with some very interesting new... details... no more than details... hmm... features.. no not quite features so much as... well you'll see when that release comes later.

Many players have asked for additional content and use of the Hall as they were excited by the story, and some others have asked me how the visits to the Hall fit within the rest of the stories currently ongoing.

We heard these requests and we put this together for your enlightenment.

Your visit may well answer many questions and raise many more.

I did the initial scripting, animation, and coding for this quest and Galanoth and Zephyros gave a major assist polishing this cutscene for release and working out the kinks in record time. This with Zephyros' already busy release schedule for the AQ - WF crossover war this week and the WF release this Friday as well.

We may well be crazy but you said you wanted it and these games are all about you. So what about it are additional interactive cutscenes, like this coming one which lack battles and rewards at the end but add detail and depth to the storyline, released parallel to a weeks normal release something that you would like to see us do more of? Even without battles and rewards at the end?

Naturally we cannot say how often we can do them as alot depends on our existing release schedule but if it is something you would like to see it is definitely something we will consider.


Zephyros -> RE: =Dev and Story=Surprise! A Bonus Update will be added 2/18 now! (2/17/2010 21:27:13)

Double surprise -- it's available now! Travel to Darkovia and visit the Dracopyre chain of quests to go to the Hall of Memories.

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