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Bu Kek Siansu -> Inspection (2/22/2010 10:14:34)

Quest Location: WG Tower -> WarGuardian Missions
Quests Given From: Temura
Requirements: Level 42


Temura: I have a bit of a favor to ask you, WarpGuardian. Colonel Ba'Tokk is going to be docking with the Alteon in a few minutes so that he can do a routine inspection and security check.
Temura: Not long ago he was captured by the Network and we rescued him, so he prefers you be his guide. Now, I like the Colonel, but he comes from a family that didn't respect the Drakel family that took me in. If you escort him I'll owe you one!
  • Meet Ba'Tokk
  • Back

    You meet up with the Colonel and an unknown child

    Colonel Ba'Tokk: <Your character name>, nice to see you again! I can never thank you enough for helping to rescue me from those Noctherezza creatures!
    You: Just doing my duty, Colonel. It's nice to see you doing well. And this is -- ?
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: This is my son Brian!
    Brian: That's MAJOR Brian Ba'Tokk, father!
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Hehehe ... Brian is a Major in the Junior WarpForce.
    You: Wow, that's great! Good going, Brian. So, were would you like to begin your inspection, Colonel?
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Actually, I'd like to perform this one independently, without escort. You can just relax and go about your routine. If we need you, we'll call.
    You: Um, okay, Sir ... but I really should now at least were you'll both be, just in case.
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Right, indeed. I will start my inspection with the maximum security sector of the brig.
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Brian here always wanted to tour the Engineering Deck of a flagship like the Alteon, so he'll go there. Okay, we'll see you again soon!
    You: Sounds good. See you soon Sir. Have a nice tour, Brian!
    Brian: Oh yeah, I will! I can't wait to see how the warpcrystal looks inside a reak, operative engine!!

    Scene shifts to Engineering Deck

    Ensign Fisher: <Your character name> just called down to say that we'd be having a visitor -- Colonel Ba'Tokk's son, Brian!!
    Lt. Roddenberry: That's nice! We rarely get sightseers in here!
    Zorboz: Meh heh heh ... Hopefully you do not scare him away with your boring human personalities.
    Lt. Roddenberry: Hey! I take some offense to that, Metal-Mouse!
    Gravlax: Rablus maffy! Would you all stop squabbling and get back to work?? Zorboz, what is it that you DO, anyway??
    Zorboz: Hmm ... I'm not sure. I hope I am not a plot device ...
    Brian: Hi everybody! I'm Major Brian Ba'Tokk. This place is so cool!! Can you teach me how it all works??
    Gravlax: ..... Lt. Roddenberry, show little Brian here how the Engineering systems all function together. I need to go work on --uh-- boring paperwork stuff.
    Zorboz: Me too ...
    Ensign Fisher: That reminds me -- It's my my turn to take luch first. I'll be back in a bit!
    Lt. Roddenberry: Ahhh ... okay Fisher. Bring me some pudding from the mess hall, would you?
    Ensign Fisher: Sure will! Have fun with our guest while I'm gone.
    Lt. Roddenberry: Come on over here, Brian, and I'll show you how the warp conduit connects to the jeffersons tube system, and the jeffersons tube connects to the flux compactor!
    Brian: This is awesome!!

    You meet up with Queen Pra'Mithia and Admiral Amada in the Hangar Deck.

    You: Hello Queen Pra'Mithia and Admiral Amada, Sir!
    Admiral Amada: WarpForce. Say, aren't you supposed to be escorting Colonel Ba'Tokk around the ship? Temura said you were his first choice.
    You: Well, I was going to do that, Admiral, but the Colonel requested that I allow him and his son Brian to look around on their own for a while.
    Admiral Amada: Hm, okay. Next time, check with me first. We need to make sure we follow protocol.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Bill ... Colonel Ba'Tokk doesn't HAVE a son. Or any children that I know of.
    You: But I saw him. He's a nice young man, a Major in the Junior WarpForce!

    Scene shifts to the security sector of the brig.

    Corporal Ripley: So, how about you and I go get a Moglinberry juice in the cantina when this shift's over?
    Sgt. Schaeffer: Get to da choppa!!!
    Corporal Ripley: Huh?
    Sgt. Schaeffer: Sorry ... It's just that you make me nervous ...
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Hello troopers, I'm here to inspect the Brig.
    Corporal Ripley & Sgt. Schaeffer: Yes Sir!
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: So ... can anyone tell me just WHAT makes this sector a MAXIMUM SECURITY area?

    Scene shifts back to the Engineering Deck.

    Lt. Roddenberry: -- so then when the warpcrystal begins to degrade, we know that we only have 6 hours to replace it.

    Brian slowly backs away to the control panel.

    Lt Roddenberry: Now, replacing a warpcrystal is a lot more complicated then replacing a battery. WC's are actually connected to spacetime --

    Brian: !!!
    You: Brian! What were you doing over by the console?!?
    Brian: That's MAJOR Brian to you, <Your character name> ...
    Lt. Roddenberry: Huh? Is something wrong?

    Scene shifts back to Colonel Ba'Tokk.

    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Entry code recieved, Unit 42. Proceeding to stage 2.
    Sgt. Schaeffer: Uhh, Colonel ... Who are you talking to?
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Just my son. Say, can you confirm for me that the Defiler Overlord Z29K is being held in this cell?
    Corporal Ripley: He sure is, Sir. We captured him when the Defilers tried to stop us from reaching the Cryptic Veil!
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: Thank you. You are relieved from your stations, troopers ...

    Colonel Ba'Tokk transforms into a Defiler.

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Gravlax: What happened????
    You: Colonel Ba'Tokk's son wasn't his son after all -- he was a Defiler in disguise!
    Zorboz: Meh - heh - heh.
    Gravlax: Oh fleebb!! Does Colonel Ba'Tokk know?!?
    You: Gravlax, don't you get it? Colonel Ba'Tokk isn't even Colonel Ba'Tokk!! He must be one of them, too!
    Gravlax: I thought we rescued him from the Network a little while ago!
    You: We did ... but apparently who -- or WHAT -- we rescued, was an imposter! It must have been a TRICK from the start. I have to go find him!
    Gravlax: I wonder what they're doing here? I'll call some help for you!

    Temura: We got here as soon as we heard, <Your character name >! Lt. Krath from V'eld Valkan was visiting in the Tower, too.
    Lt. Krath: If what you say is true about Ba'Tokk ... Well, let's just say I'm shocked.
    You: Shocked is putting it lightly! Someone's coming!

    Corporal Ripley & Sgt. Shaeffer run away.

    Sgt. Schaeffer: Yahhgg yahhhhh yaaaggghhhhh yaaaaaahhh!!!!! Yahhgg yahhhhh yaaaggghhhhh yaaaaaahhh!!!!!
    Corporal Ripley: Nuke it from orbit!!! Nuke it from orbit!!!

    Lt. Krath: I guess what you said IS true.
    Temura: There go the alarms! It's the brig -- There must have been a prison break!!
    You: Z29K!!! Ba'Tokk must have busted him out!
    Z29K: HAHAHAHAAa!! My Defilers are no fools -- He didn't just free ME -- He freed the OTHERS as well!! You will have to contend with them while I escape!
    Lt. Krath: He's right -- and from the looks of it, Ba'Tokk opened up ALL of the Network prison cells!!
  • Battle alongside Temura!
  • Battle alongside Lt. Krath!
  • Everybody split up and fight seperately!

    Regardless of choice:

    1 Nechron Virin
    1 Technowraith
    Full Heal

    1 Exo Krillscout
    1 Virin Spider
    Full Heal

    1 Noctherezza
    Full Heal

    Colonel Ba'Tokk: I see you got past the other prisoners I released. You won't capture our Mighty Warlord Z29K again, however, I assure you.
    You: Oh, I will -- as soon as I turn you into scrap! Just tell me one thing: Were's the REAL Ba'Tokk?
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: We have him. Dark Madder allowed us to keep him on Omnus, our homeworld. She formulated this plan from the moment we had the chance to capture him.
    Colonel Ba'Tokk: We have learned much from him -- enough to fool YOU stupid fleshbags, heheh ... but not everything yet. He is very strong-willed, but we will break him eventually.
    You: Not before I get him back. Now, how about I break YOU?!?

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Z29K jumps out of the Hangar Deck into space and is picked up by a Defiler spacecraft.

    Plasma Gun(L45G)
    Plasma Gun Z(L45Z)
    Plasma Gun(L65G)
    Plasma Gun Z(L65Z)
    Plasma Gun(L85G)
    Plasma Gun(L105G)


    Temura: Good fight, WarpGuardian! You saved the Alteon from a prison break and reduced two disguised Defilers to junk. Unfortunately, the Ba'Tokk Defiler was just distracting you while Z29K opened the Hangar Bay doors and leaped out into space for a waiting Defiler ship to pick him up in a tractor beam!

    At least we now know that the REAL Colonel Ba'Tokk is still alive and were to look for him: the Defiler homeworld of Omnus. It's a scary place, I hear ... a world shaped totally by machine-kind. Are you ready for it?
  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower
  • Exit

    Thanks to Technomancer. Linked Skills/Techs thanks to Mysterious Strangeface

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