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Falerin -> =Story, Art, Dev= 09Mar2010 It crawled from out of the shadows... (3/9/2010 12:38:02)

Journey back to the Hall of Memories and through the third door.. a dark.. sinister... mysterious shadowy door... for this weeks release...

Ugh! What in the world is that.... it is horrifying... it... Why that makes Deery in their transformed state look positively cute....

Wait... this seems to have more in common with deery than I first thought...

What horribly force could have transmorphed these poor innocent animals... into these horrifying... things... these Transmorphers...

*Schreech as if a record is scratching on a turntable*

Players: "Wait wait wait... you already did transformers as a parody... you called it Transfarmers.... "

True... we did... but a genre as well *big* as transforming fighting robots calls out for more then just one parody.

After all transformers had beast wars... and 90 other incarnations and that is not to mention go bots and other non transformers entries in the genre. So perhaps this is our spoof on some of those... beastwars in particular.

As to why this weeks release is very much a hall of memories release on its own. Well you'll see. It is true that hall of memories releases often are small releases along other content and some like the second door have been added bonus content. This weeks journey is a quest in itself. As events in the past threaten the future in surprising ways.... Cenara and the Player seek to understand the history of Darkovia... but..... ah well you'll see...

This sequence was a pleasure to write and to animate, and I think the artists who contributed new monster art for this sequence had a blast with it as well.

The real question will be whether or not you learn anything new or become even more baffled by the shadows descending. I certainly anticipate that this quest will be fodder for speculation and theory.

I am sure my colleagues will have more to add as we get closer to the time of release.

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