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Zephyros -> Admiral Amada wants YOU! (3/11/2010 16:00:16)

Attention all freedom-loving Lorians! The elite extraplanetary defense group you know as the WarpForce is looking for new recruits in their battle against the Devourer's Network! The rogue Virin Th'rix Na'thaar is building an army of genetically-engineered soldiers that his race can control. In fact, they've already begun to attack Lore! (Ask Aelthai ap'Cor, a.k.a. Miss Fixit, in Battleon for more details on how you can combat this threat at home.)

The WarpForce needs new recruits to keep the fight against these Nefadon soldiers in space, so that Lore can remain safe. In exchange for your help, when the war is done and Th'rix Na'thaar has been stopped once and for all, they will send additional shipments of captured Nefadon weaponry back to Lore. You can sample some of this advanced weaponry by talking to Miss Fixit. The sooner the war is ended, the WarpForce will share more types of weapon technology!

Good luck, soldiers!

And now to step OOC for a bit -- we've done a LOT of work on WarpForce, and we think that you AQ players would really enjoy it. If you tried it when we launched last summer but felt like there wasn't enough there to do, please give it another look. We've added multiple new quests every month since, and each quest chain is easy to follow. If you haven't tried WarpForce yet but you like "space fantasy" like Star Wars, you should definitely check it out. It's easy to try, just log in with your normal AQ account!

Edit: Just to clarify and sum this post up... the sooner the WF war is finished, the more new weapons you get in AQ.

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