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Location: Lucky Day Storybook, Lucky Day - Gild the World Gold War, Lucky Day - Rainbow Bridge War

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Gold War!

Lucky Day Storybook

Lukkhi: Ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do yous, hero?

Chapter 1
Lukkhi: You very lucky Sneevilchauns such good sharers of gold.

Chapter 2
Lukkhi: Four leaf clovers lucky, but NINE leaf clovers over NINE TIMES luckier! ...Lukkhi not so good at maths, though.

Chapter 3
Lukkhi: Sneevilchauns too busy taking advantage of dis golden opportunity to fight wif heroes.

Chapter 4
Lukkhi: Sneevilchauns not STEAL childrens! Sneevilchauns LIKE childrens! Childrens not try to take our gold!

Chapter 5
Lukkhi: You no take gold! Get golds back!

Chapter 6
Lukkhi: I cans makes da golds! You no take my golds anymores!

Chapter 7
Lukkhi: I cans makes da golds! You no take my golds anymores!

Chapter 8
Lukkhi: Whaaaaat in boooox??! Git things outta booooooxxxx....
Lukkhi: Whaaaaat in booooxes??! Git things outta da booooooxxxxes....

Chapter 10
Lukkhi: Get da treasure! Get da treasure!

Lucky Day - Gild the World Gold War

Lukkhi: *grumble* Sneevilchauns the only ones supposed to do gold. Gold for US!

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    Lukkhi: *mumble* Sneevilchauns get gold! Make gold boxes! Bring BIG profit from other sneevils!
    Lukkhi: Gold ours!
    Lukkhi: Not for crazymans or heroes, but.....
    Lukkhi: Crazyman will not work WITH sneevilchauns.
    Lukkhi: And Lukkhi and family cannot have crazyman making EVERYTHING gold.
    Lukkhi: Less profit for sneevilchauns that way. Gold not important if everything is gold!
    Lukkhi: *grumble*
    Lukkhi: If hero helps deal with crazyman's monsters and crazyman, Lukkhi turns weapons from war to gold after everything over!
    Lukkhi: No cost. Fair trade? This ONE time we trade. Next year, you buy. With gold.

    Lucky Day - Rainbow Bridge War

    Lukkhi: Search through all Lore with Sneevilchauns and fairies to find pieces of Rainbow Bridge to get fairy childrens back!

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