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Location: As Good As Gold, All That Glitters..., The Golden Kiss, Right in the Golden Kisser

Quests given

Shops owned

As Good As Gold

Au'Mydas: One! Ahahaa!
Au'Mydas: TWO! Ahahaa!
Au'Mydas: Three! Four! Five!
Au'Mydas: Ahahaha!
Au'Mydas: Gold, gold, gold! I love the sight, the smell, the sound...
Au'Mydas: ...
Au'Mydas: ...the TASTE of it!
Au'Mydas: Who needs friends? They just leave you. Who needs family? They just argue incessantly, then THEY leave you, too!
Au'Mydas: But not gold. Oh no, no no no. You can save it, store it, count it over and over.
Au'Mydas: Just LOOK at it!
Au'Mydas: And it's mine. Mine! Or it would be, if it weren't for that philanthropic old cointosser of a King!
Au'Mydas: Giving away all my gold! It IS mine! Who knows every pound of it, every pence? Me!
Au'Mydas: It's mine by right of familiarity!

Au'Mydas: 465... 466... 46--
Au'Mydas: Huh?

Au'Mydas: Who's there?! Who are you?
Au'Mydas: ... Can you really give me that?

Au'Mydas: Anything! Just give me GOLD!

Au'Mydas: Hahaha!
Au'Mydas: Haha. Ha...
Au'Mydas: Ha.

Au'Mydas: Enough stalling. Give me my gold!

Au'Mydas: I do! I do, I do!

Au'Mydas: HAAAAhahahaha!

Au'Mydas: ...

Au'Mydas: Yes! Yesssss. Preciousssss... GOLD!
Au'Mydas: I will cause golden meteor showers, volcanic eruptions of molten gold...
Au'Mydas: The world will end in a gilded cataclysm!!!

Au'Mydas: Ooooh. Oh yes. Yesssss! A war. A golden, glittering WAR!
Au'Mydas: Ahahahaha!

All That Glitters...

Au'Mydas: So much gold! So shiny! So, so... GOLDgeous!
Au'Mydas: Hmm...
Au'Mydas: The only thing in this clearing that isn’t gold is ME!
Au'Mydas: No no no, can’t have that, no.
Au'Mydas: ...
Au'Mydas: I have done it! Now to deal with the one who has slaughtered my precious, precioussss gold monsters!
Au'Mydas: Right after I try something...

Au'Mydas: WHEEEEEEEheeeeheeee!!

Au'Mydas: Oooooooooow, ow ow. I think my insides are turning to gold!
Au'Mydas: I know they say women desire a heart of gold but... oweeee!

Au'Mydas: *whimper* Silence is golden!

Au'Mydas: A dark stranger pulsing with an ominous power visited me.
Au'Mydas: *yelp* What happens when I have to go to the bathroom?!?!

Au'Mydas: You stole my gold! Give it back! Gold gold, must hold gold!

Au'Mydas: ...

Au'Mydas: *whimper*

Au'Mydas: *SQUEAL*!!!

The Golden Kiss

Au'Mydas: *Sigh*
Au'Mydas: *(singing softly)* Soft kitty, warm kitty...

Au'Mydas: Wh—who's there?!

Au'Mydas: I can get my revenge on the hero that put me in these cells to begin with!
Au'Mydas: Anything you ask, I can do, me and my golden kiss!

Right in the Golden Kisser

Au'Mydas I know.

Au'Mydas Don't you see? I know I can never beat you, but it was never about beating you.
Au'Mydas It's all about the gold!
Au'Mydas Gold is everything. Gold is shiny. Gold never rusts or tarnishes. It's the one thing in the universe that's true!

Au'Mydas *hrk* ... It-- it was worth it.

Au'Mydas *whimper*

Au'Mydas Follow the trail of golden coins. He gave me the power, he said it would be fun. It was.
Au'Mydas Follow the golden coins. They will show the way.
Au'Mydas Go find Zorbak!

Golden Au'Mydas
Au'Mydas (Pig)

  • He is also known as Baron Au'Mydas Bayconn.

    Thanks to
    -- Stephen Nix for noting needed War (events) banner.
    -- Voodoo Master for corrections, location and dialogue.
    -- Onyx Darkmatter for dialogue.
    -- Slayer Zach for alternative images.

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