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ILmaster13 -> X-Boost: 30d (3/19/2010 18:37:41)

[image]https://media.artix.com/encyc/df/tags/DC.png[/image]X-Boost: 30d
DOES NOT ADD WITH OTHER X-BOOSTS! X-Boost gives you +10% Exp and Gold for every battle you win! Lasts 30 days.
(No DA Required)

Location: Cysero's Shop, X-Boost!
Price: 380 Dragon Coins
Sellback: N/A

Level: 1

Combine 1 with X-Tender: 30d to Unlimited to form X-Boost: Unlimited

Rarity: 0
Item Type: Resource

Other information
  • Increases Exp and Gold gains by 10%.
  • This item cannot be sold or destroyed, and does not stack.
  • After 30 days (720 hours) item is transformed into Expired X-Boost.
  • You cannot purchase this item if X-Boost: 1wk, X-Boost: Unlimited, or X-Boost: Deactivated are owned.
  • You cannot purchase X-Boost: 1wk or X-Boost: Unlimited if this item is owned, until expired.
  • You cannot purchase X-Tender: 30d to Unlimited unless this item is owned.

    Thanks to Jay for additional other information and corrections.

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