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The Hall of Memories - The Fourth Door

Travel Map > Darkovia Forest > Dracopyre Legacy > 6: The Hall of Memories > Open Doors! > The Fourth Door (Brother Lux)

«You»: There you are Cenara.... You are not considering entering a door are you? Abode says that we are at a zenith with the Bizzare Flecks meteors, and...
Cenara: Yes, I know what he said... but I do not need long.
«You»: Whose door do you intend to enter?
Cenara: So far we have been getting information by just living through events, but that Mysterious Stranger could sense and interact with us, pull us into it fully... Abode?
Abode: Yes?
«You»: What are you considering?
Cenara: Can we enter the past as ourselves deliberately? Without overshadowing another?
Abode: Yes, as Falerin said you could enter a simulation of those events, and while you would not actually be there or change the past, the simulated people would respond as they might have at that time.
Abode: Unfortunately, if you enter the simulation bodily in that manner, you place yourself at risk of harm should conflict arise.
«You»: Meaning that any injury that happens to us really happens. So then... we'd best not be injured.
Abode: Very well, if you are determined to go... but I will pull you out if either the Flecks worsen or injury seems likely. Falerin would be very displeased if I allowed his guests to be injured.
Cenara: You asked what I intended... If we enter and interact directly, we can interrogate others from that time period.
«You»: Who do you plan on interrogating?
Cenara: It is growing clear to me that that Mysterious Stranger had a major part in the events that happened... So we need to question someone close to him.
«You»: Like that young olive skinned friar. What was his name? Brother Lux, wasn't it?
Cenara: Yes, exactly who I was thinking. I also think I know which door is his. I believe you were right before... The doors show the nature of who is behind them.
Cenara: And I have found two doors with the Light Lord's symbol. One has some odd weapon carved with it... that, I take to be the Commander. The other has robes and a key.
«You»: And you think that may be the key to our mystery?
Cenara: Hehe... something like that. So shall we go?
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    «The scene slowly transits to your meeting with Brother Lux.»

    Cenara: Brother Lux?
    Brother Lux: Yes, I am Brother Cagliari Lux. Can I help you two somehow?
    «You»: ...Cagliari?!
    Cenara (in unison): Huh?
    Br. Cagliari Lux (in unison): Excuse me? Is there something strange about my name?
    «You»: *cough* I beg your pardon, brother. You just remind me of someone I know. We'd like to ask you about Father Dhows. Could you spare us a moment?
    Br. Cagliari Lux: ...Yes, I suppose so. How can I help you?
    Cenara: The Father has risen very fast in the church, hasn't he?
    Br. Cagliari Lux: Very fast... though he was helped by his predecessor's sudden death. The temple needed a priest, and with his demonstrated ability he was an obvious fit.
    «You»: Have you ever had reason to question the circumstances of his predecessor's passing?
    Br. Cagliari Lux: Well yes, of course. He was murdered on the Altar itself... his blood drained. Father Dhows is still investigating, and he had to reconsecrate the temple.

    «While Br. Cagliari Lux says the following line, the scene turns slightly blurry before regaining its actual form.»

    Br. Cagliari Lux: He insists th... ...prit mu... ... *fssht* ...iria.
    «You»: Cenara, I think something is going very, very--

    «The scene begins to get blurry and after a short while you are sent back to the Hall of Memories.»

    «You»: --wrong. What gives, Abode? We were just getting somewhere.
    Abode: I am afraid the meteor activity has become too great for me to compensate. Worse... I detected Dhows approaching. I did not think it wise for you to remain.
    Cenara: It doesn't matter. We learned enough. Dhows killed his predecessor.
    «You»: And from the looks of things, he put the murder on Safiria's doorstep. How long until we can go back in?
    Abode: It is difficult to say. The meteor activity definitely must decrease first.
    «You»: ...Then I guess we wait. These Bizarre Flecks are really getting annoying. In the meantime, there might be another way for us -- NOW -- to get more information from Brother Lux...

    To be continued...
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