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Scakk -> Knotwork Shield Z (3/26/2010 8:43:32)

Knotwork Shield Z

Also see other Knotwork Shields: Guardian, źNormal╗, Z, Bespelled, Enchanted, Magical, Mystical, Bewitched, Charmed Z, Charmed

Level: 39
Power Level: 59
Price: 1,350 Z-Tokens
Sellback: 1,215 Z-Tokens for the first 48 hours; then 675 Z-Tokens
Location: Blarney War 2010 / Blarney War 2011: Dragonchaun / Blarney War 2012
Element: Earth

Melee: +8
Ranged: +3
Magic: +8

Fire: +2%
Water: +2%
Wind: +4%
Ice: +2%
Earth: -16%
Energy: +2%
Light: -15%
Darkness: +4%

Created to protect against leprechauns, this shield seems to have arrived a little late - unless it's early for next year! As powerful as the level 59 shield!


Write-up thanks to Blue Revenge. Numbers thanks to Everest. Image thanks to Mystical Warrior. Name and Description thanks to Overdrive. Rarity thanks to Well.

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