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Scakk -> Ballyhoo - Chipmunk Madness (3/27/2010 20:55:10)

Chipmunk Madness!

Ballyhoo: It's great to see you, «You»! Thanks for watching! You just helped kept the world of Lore online!
Ballyhoo: I'm waiting for a few friends of mine from another world to visit to help us I wonder where they are--?

«Enter Alvin & Simon, and Theodore offside»

Alvin: Hi Ballyhoo!

«Theodore moves to the other chipmunks»

Ballyhoo: Chipmunks!! I though you'd never show up!
Alvin: That's just who we ARE, Ballyhoo! We do things at our OWN pace.
Theodore: Actually I was putting on my hoodie when this huge green thing flew out of the sky blowing fire all over the place, and these guys in armor went running after--
Simon: Theodore! That was a dragon and those armoured guys were KNIGHTS! We're not at home right now-- this is SOMEWHERE ELSE!
Theodore: You mean, like-- like FANTASY LAND?!
Alvin: Sort of! Ballyhoo says this place is called LORE! And is it really FANTASY LAND if it's real?!?
Simon: Wow! my brain is hurting...
Ballyhoo: We need your help to train the reflexes of the defenders of Lore, especially my friend «You»!
Alvin: Are you kidding?! of course we can So, «You», Do you think you can take us in a little game of--

  • Play the Game
  • Open Chest Again
  • Back to Battleon

    «You play a game of pinball. Based on your score:»

    Score 0-4999
      «No reward chest»

      Alvin: You need to do better than that to get a prize!
    • Ok
    Score 5000-9999Score 10,000-17,999Score 18,000-29,999Score 30,000+
  • Take the Chipmunks with you!
    **«Only appears if you scored 10,000+ points»
  • Visit Ballyhoo again!
  • Return to Battleon

    Thanks to HailFire. Monster list from Reyn Roadstorm.

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