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Ballyhoo: Thank you for getting a glimpse of Coraline's world, «You»! What you saw is only a small amount of Coraline's adventures, however...
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    Ballyhoo: Coraline's discovery of the Other World is just the beginning. There seems to be a double of everyone you and I know in THIS world, and they live in the Other World.
    Ballyhoo: Coraline asked me to give you a chance to make a choice of your own: You can meet her Real Mother, or you can choose to meet her Other Mother.
    Ballyhoo: The outcome of each choice is different, and for each choice there are 2 possible rewards you can receive:
    Ballyhoo: You will be able to summon Coraline's Real Mother's or her friend Wybie as a guest if you choose to meet her Real Mother--
    Ballyhoo: -- Or if you choose to meet Coraline's Other Mother, you can get the Other Mother's Haunted Hand as a pet or be able to summon the Cat as a guest.
    Ballyhoo: Good luck, friend! Now, make your choice:

    Who would you like to meet?
  • Coraline's Real Mother!
  • Coraline's Other Mother!
    Meet Coraline's Real Mother

    «A cat enters and a bead rolls in, morphing into Coraline's Real Mother.»

    Real Mother: Hello! You must be «You»! Coraline's friend Ballyhoo told me about you. It is nice to meet such a hero as yourself!
    Real Mother: I need some help getting some annoying giant insects to leave my garden alone. Can you help me?
    «You»: Of course I can! Just lead the way and I will see what I can do!
  • Let's go!

    «You obtain Coraline's Real Mother as a guest and the message 'Coraline's Real Mother will help you exterminate her garden pests!' appears.»Real Mother: Thank you so much! Now I don't have to worry about my beautiful flowers. Let's see what reward you get: Either be able to summon me as a guest or Coraline's friend Wybie!
  • Thanks!

    «You gain access to either Coraline 1 or Coraline 2.»
    Meet Coraline's Other Mother

    «A cat enters and key falls from the sky, morphing into Coraline's Other Mother.»

    Other Mother: «You», if I am not mistaken? You look so drained! It must be all the time you spend in bright sunlight.
    Other Mother: Your life as an adventuring hero must be so-- excruciating! I'm sure you would like to have everything you ever dreamed of. As a hero, you definitely deserve only the best!
    «You»: Well, it would be NICE, I suppose. But--
    Other Mother: No 'buts', hero! I can give you everything-- All you have to do is replace your EYES with--

    «The scene zooms in on Caroline's Other Mother, which reveals that she has buttons for her eyes.»

    Other Mother: --BUTTONS! What do you say??

    «The scene zooms back out.»

    «You»: That... is a little scary. No, thank you.
    Other Mother: No one says NO to ME!!
  • Fight!«You gain access to either Coraline 3 or Coraline 4.»
    Coraline 1

  • Summon Coraline's Mother (L. 0)
  • Summon Coraline's Mother (L. 20)
  • Summon Coraline's Mother (L. 40)
  • Summon Coraline's Mother (L. 60)
  • Summon Coraline's Mother (L. 80)
  • Summon Coraline's Mother (L. 100)
    Coraline 2

  • Summon Wybie (L. 0)
  • Summon Wybie (L. 10)
  • Summon Wybie (L. 30)
  • Summon Wybie (L. 50)
  • Summon Wybie (L. 70)
  • Summon Wybie (L. 90)
    Coraline 3

  • Other Mother's Hand (L. 0)
  • Other Mother's Hand (L. 15)
  • Other Mother's Hand (L. 35)
  • Other Mother's Hand (L. 55)
  • Other Mother's Hand (L. 75)
  • Other Mother's Hand (L. 95)
    Coraline 4

  • The Cat (L. 0)
  • The Cat (L. 5)
  • The Cat (L. 25)
  • The Cat (L. 45)
  • The Cat (L. 65)
  • The Cat (L. 85)

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    Write up thanks to whackybeanz. Monster lists credits to In Media Res.

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