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Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > Huntress vs. Yulgar
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > Huntress vs. Yulgar
Prerequisite: Level 35

Huntress vs. Yulgar

Yuglar: You brought me to the basement of the Guardian Tower. This place is closed off to almost everyone! How did you--?
Huntress: I can rip open interdimensional doorways using the Gauntlet of The’galin.
Yuglar: Hm—well that just brought up way to many new questions…
Yuglar: Okay, so you know who my grandfather and great-grandfather and THEIR great-grandfathers were.
Yuglar: HOW do you know that stuff, and WHY did you abduct me from my own Inn?? And you’d better have some good answers-- or these gloves’re comin’ off!
Huntress: You, Yuglar, are in possession of some important knowledge that will impact the very future existence of Lore.
Huntress: I have a sacred duty, which I have followed for centuries, and I will stop at nothing to succeed. I do not know you, and I do not know your allegiance--
Huntress: --but I promise you this: If you do not do as I say-- if you challenge me--
Huntress: -- I will have no choice but to flay the flesh from you bones.
Yuglar: Don’t you think that’s a little harsh? I mean, we barely know each other. Maybe we should start over again…
Huntress: Tell me where your ancestors hid the weapons, blacksmith.
Yuglar: WHAT weapons? I hate to tell you, but my ancestors and I have made and awful lot of weapons over the years. And again-- I don’t know you.
Yuglar: I’m getting a really BAD VIBE from you-- like the worst possible things in the world follow you around everywhere. You’d better tell me what EXACTLY is going on, or-- or--
Huntress: I brought you here because this is where secrets would be kept. The last Guardian Tower of Lore, storage place of many valuable things.
Huntress: Perhaps even a locked book would be kept here… a book that only YOU could open. That tells of where THE WEAPONS were taken.
Yuglar: ??? I don’t know about any book.
Huntress: You only need to look for it, and it shall find you. Now, look! I need to know WHERE THEY ARE!!
Yuglar: I think you need to get out of my way-- I’m not doing anything until I talk to some friends of mine.

Yuglar: *urk*
Yuglar: You’re a lot stronger than you LOOK… hehe. Did I tell you that you have very nice eyes?
Huntress: No you haven’t. But the last thing I need to hear is a compliment. You, by the way, are a lot HEAVIER than you look.
Huntress: The book of your ancestors is here, and only you will know how to open it. Inside we will find the location of the weapons I seek.
Yuglar: Why can’t you tell me more??
Huntress: For now, the less you know-- the better.
Yuglar: Okay, I’ll open the book, but you’d better pray you’re one of the good guys when the time comes.
Huntress: Prayer will be of little help to any of us, bearded one…

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