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Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > Book of Salvation
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > Book of Salvation
Prerequisite: Level 36

Book of Salvation

Huntress: You were lying to me weren’t you? You knew where the book was all along.
Yuglar: Not… exactly. As soon as we arrived here, I had a strange feeling… gave me goosebumps. Something tells me that this book you want is in these boxes.
Huntress: Get it.

Yuglar: The… book. It’s actually there.
*You are able to read the first page of the book ‘Weapons of Salvation’*
Maximus: Who goes there?!?
Yuglar: !!!
Maximus: I recognize you. You’re the Innkeeper and blacksmith! How did you get down here??? Only we elite Tower Guardians can enter the basement!
Yuglar: It wasn’t me-- I was teleported here by that woman!!
Maximus: WHAT woman?
Yuglar: Uhhhh… she calls herself the Huntress… and she was RIGHT HERE!! Just a minute ago!!
Maximus: Okay, I don’t know what you’ve been experimenting with down here, but put DOWN the hammer and raise your hands in the air. You’re coming with me.
*The Huntress reappears and begins to fight with Maximus and wins*
Yuglar: ……………………….
Yuglar: Please tell me that you’re not going to leave me here to take the blame for stealing the book and knocking out this elite Tower Guardian.
Huntress: That is exactly what I am going to do. When he wakes up you will have a witness, at least. Until then, you are on your own.
Yuglar: And what’s your next move going to be--?

Yuglar: !!! Come ON-- give a blacksmith a BREAK!!
Guard: What’s going on down there?!?!

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