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Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > A new power of the Devourer?
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > A new power of the Devourer?
Prerequisite: Level 51

A new power of the Devourer?

After it was revealed that the Pirate and
Ninja war was started by Blackhawke,
who was being mind-controled by the
Devourer, some of Lore's greatest minds
came together to discuss the

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  • Falerin: Something about what happened is most strange. I have studied The'Galin for some time. The recent events on the other continent seem somehow inconsistent.
    Galrick: How so?
    Diviara: It is unlike The'Galin to use possesion of people against their will.
    Falerin: Precisely. The'Galin certainly has the capacity to use such magics, but to do so counters his apparent purpose.
    Galrick: Perhaps he has fallen into corruption himself.
    Falerin: I don't think so. Something else is happening here.

    The Eternal and The Huntress appears

    Falerin: Garavin, you are looking weary.
    The Eternal: This entire series of events wearies me, Traveller. In some ways it is much worse than the last time.
    Falerin: Celestra, you followed the Network for some time and you observed the incident with Blackhawke.
    The Huntress: Yes.
    Falerin: You recognized the effect used on Blackhawke?
    The Huntress: I have seen it before.
    Falerin: I find it troubling as it is inconsistent with what I have observed of The'Galin's activity.
    The Huntress: It is a sign of Omega.
    Falerin: I was afraid of that...
    Diviara: You think that Omega is here??
    Falerin: Not as such yet.
    The Huntress: But Omega IS coming.
    Galrick: Who or what is Omega?
    Falerin: The Network is attempting to bring it about, at least. Garavin, you were thinking things seemed much worse than before. The'Galin's agents are acting on their own directives.
    The Eternal: It does seem that way.
    Falerin: I fear that it may be about to get worlds worse. They are trying to bring about their Manifestation on their own terms...
    The Huntress: Minister Bree'Ha of Ner's sister K'eld seemed to have something of the sort in mind.
    Falerin: I somehow suspect that The'Galin will not appreciate being used.
    The Eternal: Does he even know?
    Diviara: He knows.
    Falerin: There may be light at the end of this tunnel yet.
    Galrick: That's good...
    Falerin: But before the light there will likely be a much harsher period of darkness...
    Galrick: That's not so good...

    You return to Battleon.

    Thanks to ZzlzhtT.

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