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Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > Revelations
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > Revelations
Prerequisite: Level 51


The being known as the Mysterious
Necromancer has reappeared. Falerin
and others gather in Deren to discuss
that and more about the effects of the
Devourer on Lore...

  • Go!

  • Falerin: You are aware that the mantle is being worn by another, then...
    Diviara: I am unsurprised.
    Galrick: You seem pretty calm.
    Diviara: The station has always been both dynamic and contested. I was neither the first, nor will my successor be the last.
    Galrick: Do you know who your successor IS, then?
    Diviara: No. That's the point, isn't it? You never did know. You never CAN know.
    Falerin: Thus the word ''mysterious''. I gather from evidence that there were times when there were more than one at once.
    Diviara: Ha. Very good, Loremaster. Very clever.
    Falerin: I will take that in the kind manner you surely intended.
    Diviara: At any rate, it does not matter. I have moved on.
    Falerin: Yet not from everyting... Ah, here comes Celestra and Garavin.

    The Huntress and The Eternal appears

    The Eternal: Celestra and I have finished the analysis you requested.
    Falerin: Very good, Garavin. Were the results as I expected?
    The Huntress: It is clear that there are ties to Terra.
    Galrick: Are you single?
    The Huntress: What was that?
    Galrick: *gulp* I said, 'Aryoo Zingle'. Um, that's a friend of mine from Terra.
    The Huntress: Oh, okay.
    Falerin: AHEM. I myself have learned something with the help of Myr... a lesson learned at considerable personal cost.
    The Eternal: You have taken injury for the cause, then?
    Falerin: I will survive. There are things that warrant it, and this was once such thing.
    The Huntress: What have you learned?
    Falerin: The manifestation cannot happen if the being is already hosting something else.
    The Eternal: So the Avatars are safe.
    Falerin: There is some oddity to the subject, given Diviara's information within the network...
    The Huntress: Let's hear it.
    Diviara: It would appear for that two annunaki could in rare cases occupy a single host...or even that one annunaki could split into two.
    Falerin: I know of at least two separate indicators that support that.
    Galrick: Which two?
    Falerin: That is not important. One was voluntary and by nature; the other rather not so.
    The Eternal: Why should two annunaki be able to bind to a single host, but not one annunaki and the Manifestation?
    Falerin: The same reason that when an annunaki leaves a host, it eventually dies.
    The Huntress: Forsaken.
    Galrick: What is the reason?
    Falerin: The annunaki does not bind with the body.
    Galrick: What?
    Diviara: It binds with the soul, Galrick. It binds directly with the soul.

    You return to Battleon

    Entry thanks to ZzlzhtT.

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