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Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > The Evil of Omega
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > The Evil of Omega
Prerequisite: Level 53

The Evil of Omega

Diviara continues in his attempt to gain
information about the mysterious

Necromancer: Lord, we have secured the service of Drakath as requested...but Blackhawke has broken free from our control.
???: Possession is only ever temporary.
Necromancer: Our Lord seems unhappy with its use to begin with.
???: He shall be placated. In the future, I will use The Cold. I am, after all, a master at its application.
Necromancer: What of Diviara Celegra?
???: The murder of Giliara Celegra was the height of foolishness. You practically drove Diviara into the enemy camp.
Necromancer: Yes, Lord.
???: More than one must suffer to make it clear that disobedience and failure are intolerable. I have arranged for the demise of the entire battalion responsible.
Necromancer: Naturally, Lord. And what of the traitor Diviara? He has been seen spying here of late, but your orders hold us in check.
???: We may do nothing to harm Diviara. He has been granted immunity.
Necromancer: What? Why?
???: The order comes from Ojo directly.
Necromancer: Why has Dr. Louis Zephyr made that demand?
???: I asked our Lord about it and he has confirmed it. It is not our place to question further. If both Zephyr and The'Galin say that Diviara lives, then he lives.
Necromancer: What of the other plan?
???: It will proceed here as scheduled. Concern yourself only with your task on Deren. I shall divide and decimate this pathetic world, have no doubt.
Necromancer: I hear noise...a...
Necromancer: A...heartbeat...
???: See to its origin.
Diviara: Time to make my exit.
Necromancer: It is HE! Diviara!!
*Diviara flies off very quickly*
???: Do not pursue him! The Master's orders stand. However...I believe I can apply pressure to Diviara.
Necromancer: Lord?
???: The orders concern only Diviara himself; they mention nothing of Amilara Celegra, whom I happen to know has returned to Lore.
Necromancer: So we force the hand of the father by using the son.
???: Whoever said you were a brainless buffoon? Why, you are but a slow dimwit. Not brainless at all.
Necromancer: .........
???: Unfortunately, Amilara must wait. Our plans elsewhere take precedence. Move forward.
Necromancer: Yes, Lord Omega.

Entry thanks to Rhowena.

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