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Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > Azma Lake
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > Azma Lake
Prerequisite: Level 51

Azma Lake

You: I heard about the villagers seeing something strange-- Is there any news?
Huntress: We arrived just a short time before you got here. The sightings concern me greatly.
Huntress: The villagers talk of seeing a creature that walks upright, but is unlike any type they have ever seen before.
Yulgar: I think both of us came to the same conclusion! The first thing I thought about was the fact that ever since the Devourer has returned, new creatures have been appearing....
Huntress: creatures that are beyond this world. The Devourer collects followers as he travels the cosmos. Some are forced into serving him, others CHOOSE to serve him.
Huntress: Those creatures that do the biddings of the Devourer are his Agents. At this time, his agents come from thousands of worlds... together, they are called the Network.
Huntress: I have spent most of my life tracking the Devourer, learning about his agents and the Network along the way. The Devourer does most of his work through the Network...
Huntress: ... so it's most important for us to find andstop his Agents whenever we can!
Aquella: I came along just in case it really is some previously undiscovered creature of Lore.
Huntress: I hope you are right, Aquella.
Yulgar: I don't know about all of you, but I'm ready to start looking!
You: Alright! Let's go!

Who will you search with?
  • Aquella
  • Huntress
  • Yulgar
  • None

    You fight 4 forest monsters.

    You see some footsteps:

    You: I found tracks-- and they lead right into the lake!!
    Aquella: Whatever it is we're dealing must be some kind of amphibian creature-- because there are no signs of it leaving the lake!
    You: Well, friends, I think it's time to take a littlw swim!
    Yulgar: Is it just me, or is water drawn a little better now than it was in the past??

    Who will you search with?
  • Aquella
  • Huntress
  • Yulgar
  • None

    You fight 4 water monsters.

    Aquella: Quickly now-- just up ahead is a cave entreance!!

    You swim up the cave entreance.

    Yulgar: Maybe this hammer is slowing me down..

    When you've got to the cave:

    Yulgar: So why did this creature come down here?
    Aquella: There are no signs of habitation-- in fact, it seems like nothing lives in this cave. So our mystery creature doesn't call this place home...
    Yulgar: What do you think, (insert your name)?

    You get 3 choices:
  • If it is too quiet somewhere, it is usually a reason why!
  • I think we should leave and come back with 10 more NPCs... but that's just me.
  • Let's keep looking! I'll follow you.

    No matter what you choose you fight 3 Void Dragons.

    You: Those were Void Dragons! They aren't supposed to live anywhere but in the Void!
    Aquella: Yes, very rare creatures indeed. But not long ago, an evil dracomancer brought a lot of them out of the Void.
    Aquella: It is very logical to deduce that a few of them may have stayed behind even after we sent most of them back into the Void.
    Yulgar: Hehe... you said ''logical''. Plus, you have pointy ears. You sure YOU aren't from another planet?

    The creature walks in.

    You: !!!!!!!
    Predecessor: [image][/image]
    You: Does anyone know what he just said?
    Huntress: He is a Predecessor! His race is part of the Devourer's Network! This one was just busy hunting those Void Dragons-- they reminded him of home.
    Huntress: He just challenged you to a fight... I think you should oblige him!!
    You: He said ALL THAT in just ONE WORD BALLOON?? You bet I want to fight him!

    Who will help you battle the Predecessor?
  • Aquella
  • Huntress
  • Yulgar
  • None
    Boss Battle

    Yulgar: Good fighting! He looked more dangerous than he was!
    Huntress: I'm not worried about any SINGLE one of the Devourer's Agents... It's when they all get together that we will have to worry!

    You can now buy the Vibraxe.

    Yulgar: Oooohhhh.. nice axe. I wish there were enough to sell in my shop....

    You leave. Then something happens at Azma Lake:

    Predecessor: [image][/image]
    Nightbane: Okay, okay.. slow down. I am only at a beginner level in your language. I may need to pick up a night class... ehem..
    Nightbane: Anyway, I am working for the Devourer too. It's more of a partnership than anything else. I'm not actually an *Agent* of his.
    Nightbane: I came here with one of the most feared Agents of the Devourer, though-- he has something to tell you.
    Smith: My oh my... a Predecessor, in the flesh. Nice to meet you-- I'm Agent Smith.
    Smith: I must say, I admire your work. But all of you Predecessors seem to work ALONE. With no leader to guide you. That's where I come in...
    Smith: You'll be able to destroy anything in your path if your people really join forces. JUST THINK OF ALL THE PAIN you can cause if you have a leader-- like me!
    Predecessor: [image][/image]
    Smith: Hehehe, yeah baby.

    You get two choices:
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    Entry thanks to ZzlzhtT. Corrections from fax0r and ayyo.

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