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Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > No Good Deed... Part I
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > No Good Deed... Part I
Prerequisite: Level 56

No Good Deed...
Part I

Eldron returns to Falerin and reports the
findings of the travelers to the Brilhado

  • Go!

  • Eldron: So it appears that Cartwright does not intend to follow the orders of Zephyr.

    «The Eternal and the Huntress arrive»

    The Eternal: Is it possible that the Orders were encoded in some way?
    Falerin: Hmm... I doubt it. From your description, Ryuusei did not precisely even lie about the contents of that Order.
    Eldron: No. He simply countermanded it without revelaing its contents. There is something else.
    Falerin: What?
    Eldron: I watched him closely. His reaction was one of disgust to the letter.
    Falerin: He obviously has his own motives and dislikes following directions. It reminds me of those evil monks.
    Eldron: Evil monks?
    Falerin: Aye. They were renegades, kicked from the School of Thought about a hundred years ago.
    The Eternal: What did they do to get kicked out of the School of Thought? I gathered it was a rather accepting place.
    Falerin: They opened a shop selling plants that they had magically altered. On the front, it appeared to be a normal flower shop.
    The Huntress: I sense a "but" coming...
    Galrick: Given the way this is going, I think that "butt" about covers it...
    The Huntress: I truly hope, for your sake, that you are not referring to MY butt.
    Galrick: *gulp* Ahhh... never in a million years would I refer to your...ah..butt. *sweats profusely*
    Falerin: The School ordered them to stop their researches, but they took the proceeds from their sales to continue it in secret, not caring what their superiors ordered.
    The Eternal: There is the connection.
    Falerin: The friars secretly engaged in research designed to create and instill a much stronger demonic essence in seemingly harmless plants.
    Falerin: They planted several seedspitters and demon trees inside the food supply hoping to hold the city hostage. This was before the previous king's father was in power.
    Eldron: How wicked. I take it they spread?
    Falerin: They would have, but a Farmer Hugh of Ranfjord was visiting family in Deren.
    Eldron: Oh dear.. you aren't going there, are you?
    Falerin: As he was trained in horticulture, he recognized the undeveloped seedlings for what they were. He unvelled the plan to the city, but they did not take him seriously.
    Eldron: You are. I am beginning to be sorry I stuck around...
    The Eternal: What? What happened?
    Eldron: You do not want to know.
    Falerin: Recognizing the imminent danger, he extracted the plants himself. He took serious injury fighting his way through and eventually came to blows with the monks.
    Eldron: Just stop, Falerin.
    Falerin: They would have killed him, but the commotion the screaming deadwoods made as he had been fighting them alerted the owner of the field and he called the authorities.
    Galrick: But he had stopped their plan...
    Falerin: Yes, which proves me the moral, I think.
    The Huntress: What moral?
    Eldron: You go too far.
    Falerin: Only Hugh...
    Galrick: Oh! I get it...
    The Eternal: What? What is it?
    Eldron: Only Hugh can prevent fiorist friars! Did you have to go there?
    Falerin: Remember, Eldron, the philosophy of Bulan the Mad.
    Eldron: Oh, how apropros. I am going back to deal with those elves.
    Falerin: That is well enough. I have made arrangements with Tirerion; for the moment, he is laying his claim aside.
    Eldron: Very well, then.

    «Eldron disappears»

    Galrick: What IS the philosophy of Bulan the mad?

    «Diviara appears»

    Diviara: We are being surrounded by a contingent of Network forces!
    Falerin: We'll have to get back to your question some other time, Galrick...
    ???: Give them no quarter. They are the enemy. Eliminate them, excepting Galrick; he is desired still elsewhere.

    «A Brilhado Necromancer appears»

    Necromancer: As you command, Lord Omega.
    Necromancer: Which one of you die first??
    Falerin: Apparently, they are prepared to disobey the order protecting you as well now, Diviara.
    Diviara: So it seems...

    «Several Brilhado Necromancer appears»

    Falerin: Garavin and Celestra, take Galrick and leave. It seems I am being assaulted. That frees my hand.
    Galrick: But Loremaster, I can fight--
    Falerin: Your time will come all too soon-- Now go!

    «The Huntress, The Eternal and Galrick disappears»

    Thanks to ZzlzhtT.

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