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The Hall of Memories

The Second Door

Travel Map > Darkovia Forest > Dracopyre Legacy > 6: The Hall of Memories > Open Doors! > The Second Door (Cara)

Cenara: Are you sure we are ready for this?
«You»: Nightreign has expanded on his hold on Darkovia even further and further in. We cannot get those clearly most affected to cooperate even for a minute to stop him.
«You»: We need to know what caused the situation here more than ever now.
Cenara: That's just it. Can we afford turning our attention away from the threat in Darkovia long enough to do this? What if my brother attacks while we are distracted?
«You»: Your other brother is there at the moment. E has agreed to keep an eye on things and alert us at the slightest trouble.
Cenara: Yeah...
«You»: Besides, the raids and fighting among the factions have taken their toll on him and his forces.
Cenara: But his armies are still more or less intact, and the others are weakened and not cooperating. ...Still, I guess you're right, we need to know.
«You»: This door says Cara DeLivali... That was the one both Wolfwing and the Werewolf King loved, right? What happened to her, I wonder...
Cenara: My grandmother, yes. I don't know what happened to her... nobody ever spoke of it. When I was younger they suggested she was still alive, but...
Cenara: I still don't understand how. How my grandparents possibly could have lived so long ago, I mean.
«You»: Well let's find out, shall we?
  • Enter the Second Door
  • Stay Here

    Stay Here
    «You»: Let's keep looking for other doors, though. We can come back to this one.

    «You return to the initial cutscene when you click on 6: The Hall of Memories.»

    Enter the Second Door
    «You»: And away we go...
    Cenara: Tally Ho!
  • Enter!

    «With a flash, the screen turns almost completely black.»

    Cara: We were planning your surprise party, Erimus. Drageth had offered his estate, but while we were there... well, it is not at all like Constantin to just vanish.
    Drageth Slugwrath: No, I agree.... but my men have searched from Amityvale to Luminovia to no avail, my dear. He is quite simply... gone.
    Cara: It is all very strange. I am quite worried.
    Erimus: It is quite unlike my friend to do this. We have known each other for years, he'd never just leave like this.
    Cara: That's what I mean.
    Drageth: I agree it is most unusual. Still do not give up hope m'lady; I am working on it night and day.
    Cara: Thank you, Drageth. I know how busy you are.
    Erimus: You are indeed a true and loyal friend.
    Cara: Yes...

    «The screen goes completely black at this point.»

    Drageth: Thank you both. If you will excuse me, I need to go if I am to keep conducting the search. Stay strong, my friends.

    «The scene then brightens up, to reveal where the conversation took place-- on the plains.»

    Cara («You»): What a slime ball.
    Erimus (Cenara): We seemed to have switched places this time, «You».

    «The scene zooms in on you.»

    Cara («You»): Yeah. I wonder what decides which body we occupy. That slimeball Drageth, playing innocent...

    «The scene switches to focus on Cenara.»

    Erimus (Cenara): Being my own grandfather is... odd. And yes, Drageth clearly has twisted ulterior motives.
    Erimus (Cenara): Hmm... "Slugwrath." Do you think he is related to the old King from Falconreach? You know, before...

    «The scene switches back to focus on you.»

    Cara («You»): Almost certainly. I don't know what happened to Falconreach either, only that Cysero still lives there... but almost no one else. Incidentally, being your grandmother is strange for me too.

    «The scene focuses on Cenara.»

    Erimus (Cenara): Well, if we get this straightened out, we might be able to use the Hall to explore Falconreach, too. I'll help you, if you'll have me. I owe you for all you have done for me and for Darkovia.

    «The scene focuses on you.»

    Cara («You»): We all do what we can. But I would like that, if we can find the time and the right doors. You will be busy then with Shadowslay--
    Cara («You»): --Cenara, is something wrong? You look pained.

    «The scene focuses on Cenara.»

    Erimus (Cenara): I suddenly feel very ill. Something is... wrong...

    «The scene zooms out completely.»

    Abode: That is me I am afraid. I am going to have to pull you out. Meteor activity is rising...

    «You approach Cara as the screen fades black and returns you to the Hall of Memories. A piece of paper lies by a column in the Hall of Memories...*»

    «You»: So what happened, Abode? I thought you said that since the Astral was connected to all the other planes, we wouldn't have problems with the meteors.
    Abode: The meteor storm is particularly heavy at present. I can compensate for their effects and you can reenter fairly shortly.
    «You»: Work on that then. This is important! It's bad enough the meteor storm is preventing us from pursuing one issue without it interrupting two.
    Cenara: I am sure the Abode is doing the best he can, «You». As the avatar of Falerin it should not take him too long.
    Abode: Thanks for your confidence in me, Cenara. I will not let you down. Please, go rest while I work on this.
  • Continued!

    Next in the Hall of Memories:

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  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    * - Clicking on the piece of paper at any time brings you to the following scene:

    «You»: Cenara? Abode? What is that paper by the column there?
    Abode: I do not know where that came from or how it got here. It seems to be a loose leaf from a journal.

    Problems of its own, naturally. I cannot say that either prospect makes me feel happy. I feel frequently that eerie unbidden chill, which on Terra they euphemistically say means that someone has "walked across my grave."

    I am not given to fatalism and I believe that the vast majority of fate is what we ourselves make, not the product of uncontrollable forces.

    Unfortunately, the problem with free will is that everyone has it, and anyone can use it to abridge the free will of another.

    As for my part, I am trying to keep positive and finish what I have set out to do. I wish all of us the best of luck. I most certainly will need all the luck I can get myself.

    It has begun.

  • Continue

    Cenara: That is moderately ominous and peculiar. What is going on with the Loremaster, Abode?
    Abode: I do now know, Cenara. He has been very distracted and quite busy lately. Uncharacteristically absentminded too. I believe it is related to Caelestia.
    «You»: Very worrisome. Unfortunately there is little we can do for things that trouble the Loremaster. Now I am the absentminded one; where were we?
  • Return - Returns to the scene where you go back to the Hall of Memories.

    Write-up credits to whackybeanz.

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