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137ben -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/20/2010 11:04:46)

IIRC at some point the staff plans to make defending unlock shops with clan armors/shields, and attacking unlock shops with clan weapons/spells. As for how it helps your clan, we may never know.

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/20/2010 13:20:56)

I actually meant defending "Unity", but yeah. They also said Paxia was going to be reborn. They didn't mention they were just going to awake a zombie and let it mindlessly bobble around without any clear direction or purpose. But I digress.

DigDog -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/20/2010 17:27:33)

They say so much. A year ago they said there will be a reset. Haven't seen anything of that yet.

137ben -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/20/2010 18:06:52)

^^They also said that the reset would have to happen after balancing the monster pool...which would happen shortly after the monster sweep. Given that the end of the sweep could be a few years away, I wouldn't say it is "too late" for them to fulfill their promise[;)]

But then, having 0 activity in paxia until then isn't exactly good[:(]

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/20/2010 18:12:45)

There isn't 0 activity. People still faithfully defend, regardless of having any clear reward.

SIGMUND -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/21/2010 16:19:27)

We never surrender and we don't defend for any reward other than the gold and the z-tokens.
Keep on keepin' on!

Everything else is Lucianilla icecream on top of the cake![:D]

Happy Paladin day to all Lucian's. If you want to join the procession say hello here.

137ben -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/21/2010 19:53:15)

Happy palidin day!


That holy light isn't incandescent, is it?

SIGMUND -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/24/2010 13:45:08)

Thanks 137ben[:D]
The parade 2010.

Drew862 -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/25/2010 0:11:21)

IIRC, when both lucian and dynami were equal in wins, it was at about 5k wins. Dynami dropped to about 1k positives and now they're 6k+ in the positives? How did that happen?

DigDog -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/25/2010 3:25:58)

It's just a wild guess, but I think people in Dynami are defending. That's how you raise the numbers, you know :D

theosenia -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/25/2010 8:27:58)

A wild guess,indeed! [:D]

SIGMUND -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/25/2010 8:39:44)

@Drew862. Dynami did not drop to 1k wins.

They were slowly ground down over a number of days.

I guess people were tired of them being so much above the rest of Paxia???

on the other hand,

Dynami did suddenly jump up by plus 5000 in about 2 hours???

we would like to know where the other 500 Dynami players were hiding, because only 36 were online at the time??? [;)][:-]

DigDog -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/25/2010 9:49:46)

2 hours? Don't be silly.

theosenia -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/25/2010 13:40:34)

That's exactly the point,Dig-Dog!
Some people consider others to be silly.
Glad I don't consider...myself as being silly. [:D]

Spanish Inquisition -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/25/2010 22:26:45)

I think you are silly sometimes, though intentionally.

theosenia -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/26/2010 4:59:24)

[:D] That's really nice,SI.Thank you! [:)]

Drew862 -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/27/2010 4:38:58)

does anyone notice dynami current score and what it was awhile ago and how fast did it took them to get that extra 6k wins this time?

theosenia -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/27/2010 5:07:44)

...I spend MOST of the day defending Lucian/Unity on Paxia for MONTHS now on a DAILY basis... [:D]
D.'s raising on score really doesn't bother ME much...what I DO consider a shame is the DRAMATC drop of the LUCIAN score...

Riffus Maximus -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/27/2010 15:55:33)

If I recall right, Dynami was one of the first clan the fell into the negatives. When all clan except Lucian fell into the negativity, Dynami suddenly raised and got in the positives. Back at the time it was not as high as Lucian, but it stayed that way for a long time and eventually Lucian dropped and Dynami was leading the party. Whether it's a database bug or Dynami is secretly planning their defenses or they got help from somewhere else, they have been surprisingly high for a great amount of time. The change from negative to positive was made in 2-3 days.

theosenia -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/27/2010 17:14:54)

You got that right!

Only thing I have to add is that D. never fell bellow +1,500 ever since. It was last AUGUST. (I was there. I saw it.)
For almost a whole year now it never fell below +1,500 despite the fact that it was the first clan,leading on Paxia for a continues time of almost 4 monthhs while Lucians were struggling back n forth into the negatives for at least 7 times in the meantime...

Actually,the attacks the Clan of Light has reseived in this time is almost as high as that of Aerodu! Normally,it would had been really bad IF there hadn't been contineous defenses from ALL its members throughout that year... [8|]

The Finnish Flash -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/27/2010 21:06:58)

The regularity of the varying intervals at which each clan is being attacked is cause for us to believe that Clan Members are not the source of the decreases in clans' values.

In other words, an unknown force created by Artix Entertainment is attacking all clans, some more heavily than others. The only real solution seems for us to make peace and defend our respective clans as well as Unity.

Truce with Aerodu?

drummy -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/27/2010 21:22:50)

That's absurd. If there was a function like that built into the game, and the attacks were random, Dynami would have gotten hit hard at some point, since everyone else has at some point. At the very least its safe to say they odds are very high that they would have, and there is no reason for the staff to selectively tamper with the numbers. Plus there probably would have been some sort of confirmation by now if that was the case. IIRC, the staff has actually revolked the popular Network Attack theory which is essentially the same as yours.

I wouldn't count on it.

DigDog -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/28/2010 3:09:18)

Well said.

Balu -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/28/2010 4:50:20)


That's absurd. If there was a function like that built into the game, and the attacks were random, Dynami would have gotten hit hard at some point, since everyone else has at some point.

Not necessarily.
IMO something is definitely amiss.

theosenia -> RE: =Lucian= Cross-Clan Communications (6/28/2010 5:07:44)

Ok.So D. has 'proven' by now that for a whole year has been the strongest,the biggest,the most active n the most well prepared (in a case of an event ) Clan on Paxia! NO 'argument' from ME there.In fact,I'll just have to simply say: CONGRATS! [:)]

However,where does the concept of a 'dead Paxia' n lack of clan members activity go then? IF you closely watch the scores n have the sum or C.I. of the attacks/defenses you'll come to the conclusion that a massive number of players spends its time on Paxia on a daily basis and very few people play...the rest of the game!
(E.G. we are now 'in the middle' of the Zard war...normally Paxia wouldn't be a players 'priority'.Still the scores keep on changing!)

So,logically it's either that it has nothing to do with 'in game' or Unity's score but players DO defend/attack massively! Oooor PAXIA IS NOT 'DEAD'! It NEVER WAS!!!

@ The Man of the Lake: As an INDIVIDUAL player n that alone I DO agree! In fact I admire Aerodus attempt to defend Unity despite that they are so low in their own scores.I also admire Igneus' n Nautica's effords n every other clan that has not given up n still trys.
Yes! Peace n truce among the clans n a cumulative efford to raise unity's scores might in my PERSONAL view be the answer for ALL of US. But that's only words/theories unless we DO organise ourselves effectivelly...'Vive la (peaseful) revolution'! [;)]

EDIT: Hello,BALU! :-) you DO know that I'm a slow typer... We were typing at the same time :D

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