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NightBane's Fortress

Location: Travel > Darkovia Forest > Dracopyre Legacy > Nightbane's Fortress

NightBane-- a legendary monster, half werepyre, half dragon-- returned to Darkovia. Besting his father Wolfwing in batle, it was up to us to defeat him. NightBane escaped, leaving his fortress behind. Still filled with his dracopyre minions, you must clear it of monsters and see if you can track NightBane!
  • Continue

    «Scene: outside NightBane's Fortress»

  • Enter the fortress!
  • See the fight between NightBane and Wolfwing!
  • Back to town

    «Inside the fortress, you stand talking with Vampire Slayer E»

    E: The fortress looks empty from the outside, but within it crawls with hordes of NightBane's dracopyric minions!
    «You»: This place crawls!!
    E: I just said that...
    «You»: Yeah I know... I just always wanted to say that...
    E: We are here for 2 reasons: clear the fortress of monsters and see if you can find clues to NightBane's whereabouts.
    «You»: I know how to do the first thing...I slay monsters for a living. But how do we find out where NightBane escaped to?
    E: As we go though the fortress, we might come upon clues. Find them all! Remember them, and we will talk about them later.
    E: Now, let's go slay some supernatural monsters!
  • Oh Yeah!

  • Take the Guardian Darklaw*
  • Take the Adventurer Darklaw*
  • Quest with Vampireslayer E
  • Go!

    *You now have a Darklaw! It will disappear when you log out.

    «You»: Clues, clues, clues... I don't see anything yet. But I HEAR something coming this way!

    «Full Heal after the first battle»

    «You»: Have to keep looking!!
  • Go!

    «Deeper in the Fortress...»
    «You»: Nothing here... Looks like someone spent a lot of time cleaning up! There should be bodies of dead monsters everywhere.
    ???: How about YOURS?
    «You»: .......hehehe
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE

    «You»: Hm.. could the fact that all the dead monsters disappeared be a clue? I need to keep looking.

    «Even deeper in the fortress»

    «You»: Hmm... those status are everywhere! I wonder who they are supposed to be? I need to get a closer look...
  • Closer...

    «On closer inspection, one of the statues is holding something»

    «You»: What is that???

  • Take it!

    «You»: Looks like I have company!!
  • Fight!

    Yes-- a lot of company!

    «Full Heal»
    «Full heal after the first three battle»

    «You»: They're retreating further into the fortress!!

  • Chase the monsters now!
    **«Continue below»
  • Look at the clue from the statue now!
      Dear Balius,
      I fear that, I can no longer live with you. You have lost too much of you humanity and crave too much power. I must go now to Felrood Abbey where, I will join my sister.
      Please, do not follow me.
      With deepest regrets,
      Lady Evina

    • Chase the monsters now!
    «Deeper in the fortress»

    «You»: Hey! Stop running and fight!! ............. Uh oh-- here they come!! ALL of them!!
  • Fight!

    «Full Heal»
    «Full heal after each battle»

  • There are too many! Retreat now!
    **«Continue below»
  • Keep on fighting!
      6 BATTLES
      «Full heal after the first five battles»

    • There are too many! Retreat now!
      **«Continue below»
    • Keep on fighting!

        «Full heal»
        6 BATTLES
        «Full heal after battles #2 and #3»

      • There are too many! Retreat now!
        **«Continue below»
      • Keep on fighting!

          «Full Heal»
          7 BATTLES
          «Full heal after battle #4»

          The monster horde has been defeated!
        • Return to the throne room
    «You return to the entrance, where you meet E»

    E: You made it back alive!
    «You»: Did you think a few scrawny MINIONS could stop me?
    E: Not for one minute. I knew you would finish those fiends off on your search for clues. You DID find some clues, right?
    «You»: Why YES I did! I noticed that all the monsters bodies have been removed from the fortress since we raided it a while ago.
    E: MMMM.. interesting. That might mean that someone has plans to recycle the bodies somehow... Maybe bringing them back to life... Or possibly just FEEDING them to something.
    E: Did you find anything else??
    «You»: I found a letter stuck between the closed hands of one of the statues!
    E: Great! Let's look at it!
    «You»: hmmm... I know it's here, somewhere... Uh oh. I think I lost it.
    E: Well no problem. I am sure you know what it said. You did read it, right?
    «You»: Of course I did! .............
    E: I knew I could count on you. So, where do you think NightBane might have gone?

    After he abandoned his fortress, where did NightBane go?
  • Dracon Bridge
  • Safiria's Castle
      Queen Safiria: No, I do not yet know NightBane's place of hiding. We will, though. We vampires live long enough that we have TIME on our side...
    • Search on!

      «You return to the choice»
  • Were-King's Den
      Were-King: Grah!! What are you doing here?? ............... Nevermind, I don't care. I captured a Were-Dragon and I want you to fight him for my entertainment! So fight!!!
    • Okay

      1 BATTLE

      Were-King: Hmf. You're lucky I didn't want to KEEP that Were-Dragon...
      «You»: We have been searching for NightBane. Do you have any idea where he may be hiding?
      Were-King: If I did, I would be gnawing on his bones right now!! No, I don't, but I have over 10,000 underlings out looking for him. If you run into anyof my werewolf kin, though, they'll probably just try to eat you, so don't bother asking any of them for help.
      When I get my news, I will be sure to let you know. NightBane is our one common enemy, and it will take us all to bury him!!
      «You»: Well, he's not THAT big. it won't take too many of us to bury him.
      Were-King: ......................
      «You»: Note to self: Big hairy werewolf kings do NOT have a sense of humor.
      «You»: Well,I guess I'll be leaving now!
      Were-King: Yes. And don't turn your back on your way out. (licks his lips)
    • eep

      «You return to the choice»

  • Felrood Abbey
      «Continue below»
  • Obsidia's Lair
      Kaley Obsidia: I am sorry, but none of my undead minions or familiars have reported to me the whereabouts of NightBane. I can promise you this, though-- my undead minions NEVER tire. They will work themselves to death in their search for NightBane.
      Eapoe: awk!! awk!!
      Kaley Obsidia: hehehe, Yes, Eapoe, quite true. But please, you must learn to use your WORDS. My dear.
      Eapoe: Nevermore!! Nevermore!!
      Kaley Obsidia: Eapoe.... you ARE going to use your words... Please excuse me while I argue with my raven.
    • Bye!

      «You return to the previous choice»

    «Scene: Felrood Abbey»

    «You»: Okay, here we are at Felrood Abbey. It's almost TOO quiet here, don't you think?
    E: Yes, it is quiet indeed. But if NightBane did come here, then that is all the reason it would need to be so quiet--
    «You»: Then we should hurry and get inside!
  • Inside!!

    «You»: Hello?? Is anyone here??
    «You»: .............
    ???: You should not have come here...
    «You»: Who are you? Do you need help?
    ???: No, but YOU will need help soon enough!!
    «You»: Well if you want to fight, then you'de better just shut up and BRING IT ON! (Did I really say that?)

    1 BATTLE«Instead of NightBane, a young woman enters»

    Cenara: So, you defeated me. I have failed in protecting the abbey...
    «You»: !!!!!!!!!!! What do you mean I defeated YOU? I just fought NightBane!
    Cenara: I may have looked like NightBane, and had his abbilities, but that was really an illusion. It is a special mental abillity that my mother taught me.
    «You»: Who was your mother, and why are you pretending to be NightBane??
    Cenara: I am Cenata, daugther of Lady Evina. She fell in love with NightBane when he was only a man called Balius. A man who wanted power beyond imagining...
    Cenara: The Father of Balius had disappeared, and Balius left my mother in search of him. Balius returned months later, but had changed... Over time, he became... a monster.
    Cenara: My mother left Balius then, and came to be with my aunt. She met a farmer and they married.
    Cenara: I grew up near here. After all of the elemental priestesses left the Abbey, this became a special place where my mother taught me about our special mental powers.
    Cenara: So you have come here in search of NightBane?
    «You»: I did. We defeated his army but he ran away. We have been looking for him ever since.
    Cenara: He is too dangerous to let go... maybe I can help. I need money for the upkeep of the Abbey. If you pay me, I will teach you how to use the NightBane illusion.
    Cenara: You won't be as strong as the real NightBane, but the abilities you gain will make you stronger as you level up.
  • Yes!

    SHOP: NightBane's Form (15/55)

    Cenara: Please let me know when you find NightBane. Not long ago, he visited my family in the night and took my mother away...
    «You»: I hope your mother is still alive! I will keep looking.
    Cenara: Thank you, and good luck.
  • End

    Additional info from Stephen Nix. Corrections from noamba and catam010. Originally posted by Astral.


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