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Falerin -> =Story, Art, and Dev= 09Apr2010 Design Notes (4/9/2010 16:48:02)

So design notes have been slow this week but Galanoth asked me to through some together so I am putting some time aside from my busy schedule to do just that. April is something of an interesting month and May is looking to be pretty epic too. In fact having played through some of the new material that is upcoming I am very stoked. In the next month or so several of the first full quests of my writing team come to fruition with Eldron, Lyra, and Eukara Vox will all be contributing active material in the next few months. And what else is coming... well lots of big but I cannot tell you everything so I will stick to what I can say for sure... next week marks a return to the Hall of Memories... or sort of.. remember that the last door had Cenara and the Player confronting Brother Cagliari Lux in the past. Well next week they try their hand at confronting Brother Lux or what remains of him in the NOW. Unfortunately for them, all does not go as planned, and even staying still on our own world the Bizzare Flecks manage, indirectly, to interfere with plans. The release promises to reveal some big secrets and raise even bigger questions. With some surprises reappearing from the past... some more shocking then others.

The events here directly lead into the exciting Cycle II of the Bizarre Fleck saga.

This release is VERY storyline intense... but at the same time, lest I take myself too seriously, sort of directly pokes fun at story line intense releases and in particular Falerin himself.

Speaking of the Flecks Saga... I have just seen one of Krieger's war bosses on the otherside... and I have to say... Many people in the AE GD and AQ GD have had fun speculating on the differences between bone golems, flesh golems, undead, vampires etc.... And I must admit that it gets a bit grey, especially if you define undeath as merely neither alive nor dead, well its about to get a lot greyer...

We have alive. We have Dead. We have undead. We have Flesh Golems and Bone Golems.... We have EARTH golems... these things we have.. but Krieger... he is not satisfied with things that usual....

What do you get if you have a golem made of the dead, and their graves, and the undead, and their graves...

Yes you heard me.. .it is made of the graves themselves.. and all those graves contain.

It is part dead, it is part construct, it is part alive, it is part undead... it is all crazy!

And there is nothing Mysterious about Hollow's rather excellent art for the creature either... though it is perhaps a bit... cryptic...?

Falerin -> RE: =Story, Art, and Dev= 09Apr2010 Design Notes (4/9/2010 16:59:20)

A whole new twist on the undead versus golem question.


The Grave Golem attacks!


Falerin -> RE: =Story, Art, and Dev= 09Apr2010 Design Notes (4/9/2010 17:01:56)

This completes this set of design notes but keep your eyes peeled more may be forthcoming soon!

Falerin Ardendor

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