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Vampire Fexy -> Lagos Invaded! - Shadowscythe Attack! (4/10/2010 8:00:15)

Lagos Invaded! - Shadowscythe Attack!

Location: Soluna City -> Travel -> Planet Lagos
Objective: Fight alongside Braddock Steele during his vacation on Lagos!
Waves: 1,300,000
Release Date: April 9th, 2010

Missions Available:
(AvP Camp - Lagos: Arthurian Crow's Nook)

(Lagos: Crow's Nook)
  • Battle!
  • Bait
  • Rescue
  • SC GTS
  • GTS
  • War Boss

    Shops Available:
  • NG Shoulders
  • Shoulders
  • NG Salvage Mechas
  • Salvage Mechas

  • Xaria
  • Braddock Steele
  • Warlic
  • J6
  • Char
  • Prince Robert

    Introduction Cutscene

    Xaria: All tentacles on deck!!! Lagos is the next target in the sight of out Lord Valoth!!
    Xaria: He requires that this planet become a base of opertations so that we can crush this Solar System with ease!
    Xaria: Anyone who fails to obey my orders will be destroyed!
    Xaria: I will not fail this mission because of your incompetence!! This planet will -bzzt- be ours!

    After Cutscene

    Braddock Steele: I'm glad you can join me, <Character>! Isn't this a wonderful vacation?

    Braddock Steele: I have some fun missions lined up for you.

    100% War Meter:
    Braddock Steele: The War Boss is now available!! Defeat it and claim your prize!!

    Salvage Shops
    Braddock Steele: Here you can grab some weapons that we salvage from the Shadowscythe. Nothing beats using their technology against them.

    New Message
    Warlic: There you are, <Character Name>. While you have been assisting Baraddock in the war, I have been gathering information.
    Warlic: It sems we now have a postitive ID on the thief that stole the parts to our weapon. Here is J6's message.
    J6: Hello, Warlic. This message is in correspondence to your request for information on that thief you encountered
    J6: There are couple things but i know exactly who she is and i've tried to catch her several times with no success.
    J6: Anyways, her name is Jemini. She is not under contract with anyone and as far as anyone knows, she only streals things.
    J6: She carries a device with her that that let her travel great distances in an instant. No matter what i do, I can't track her.
    J6: Your attempts may prove just as futile as my own. Unfortunately i can't be of any assistance to you as far as catching her goes.
    J6: I do have a picture of her that i will send over immdeiately.
    J6: I hope you have better luck than i had tryong to catch her. It might be better for you to give up and start fresh.
    J6: Feel free to contact me if you need anything esle and I'll see what i can do. Adios, Warlic
    Warlic: This new information is quite informative but it certainly doesn't help to ease my mind.
    Warlic: It doesn't help tha my concentration has been slowly beginning to fail me lately.
    Warlic: I can't help but wonder what effects this Jemini is causing, but we must get those parts back from her.
    Warlic: Char has some information on the devide that she has been working on. At keast she has some better news.
    Char: Hi, <Character Name>. I watned to let you know that the device is track and enter old wormholes is almsot complete.
    Char: With it, we can send people and equipment - however, we can't send all of your weapons throught every time.
    Char: A good friend of mine, Mont, will be assisting me. He will stay back at base and if you need an item, he'll get it for you in a jiffy.
    Char: Basically, everyting will be the same as before. Request a weapon from your inventory, and he'll make sure you get it.
    Char: I'll introduce you to him after the war. So i'll see you soon - and be careful out there!

    Braddock Steele: Hello again, <Character>. Always a pleasure to bring you out on the field.
    Braddock Steele: There's not much going on yet but we just got out here. I'm sure things will pick up.
    Braddock Steele: It looks like this should prove to be an excellent vacation.

    After you defeated the war boss:
    Braddock Steele: Well, we managed to capture one of the Corrupted Lion Mecha but, the war is over. And so is my vacation...
    Braddock Steele: At least it was nice while it lasted. You can buy the mecha if you'd like.

    Prince Robert

    Prince Robert: Greetings, <Character>. I wish our meeting was on better terms but know that the Arthurian Army is on your side.

    Prince Robert: It's no surprise that the Shadowscythe would choose such a location as a base.
    Prince Robert: It's close enough to your Loreon that if they build a strong base here, a takeover would be a swift.
    Prince Robert: No doubt they would come for us next. We're all in this together. Now let's fight.

    Prince Robert: The Shadowscythe have stolen one of our ships! We need you to get it back.

    *Thanks to Sheriff Duncan for corrections!*

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