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Frogzard Hunter: Quest 3

Battleon » Zard hunter Shop » Frogzard Hunter! » Part 3

Nilia: Thanks for meeting me here. I knew I could trust you... Listen, there is someone called Goborah that you need to see. She's in the Oragh Swamp...
Nilia: the lowlands between the Dwarfhold Mountains and GreenGuard Forest. She knows where this insidious "ZardMaster" is.
«You»: How do you know that Goborah knows what you say she knows ? (hrmf)
Nilia: Let's just say I have a way with others. My charisma is maxed *wink* ...
Cloudzard: SQUAWWWKK!!!!
«You»: Watch out!!

«The Cloudzard swoops down and takes Nilia with it before flying off.»

«You»: What in the name of Akriloth's beard was that?! Moved so fast I could barely see it. Must have been one of those mutant zards...
«You»: I need to hurry on to Oragh Swamp and find this "Goborah" before these new Zards can strike again!

Although you move quickly, you are not able to outrace nightfall. And Oragh Swamp is not a place to be in the dark...

«You»: Eegh! This place gives me the creeps, even more than Granemor Cemetary! Undead, I can deal with the Undead. It's buzzing, slithering, sliming things that bug me the most.


«You»: I shouldn't have said "bug"...«You»: Ah yes... No better mosquito repellent than cold steel and bits of magic.
Swamp Trog: Ergh... That wasn't very nice of you to kill my pet!
«You»: Uh...hello? I'm sure we can talk this over...Goborah: Oh well, insects are kind of hard to get really attached to. I've always like leech-rats more anyway. So cuddly, and smell so good roasting. *slobbers*
«You»: *shivers* Wow, really? Uh, sorry for nearly beating you to a pulp just then, but I was wondering if you could help me find someone named Goborah?
Goborah: Haha *SNORT*! That's me! I'm Goborah. They call me "Goborah the Lovely" around here. So what do you want, Clean-Skin?
«You»: Nilia sent me here to find you. She's the sister of the famed Frogzard Hunter. For a while now a new breed of Zards has been terrorizing the countryside.
«You»: These Zards captured the Frogzard Hunter, and a short time ago captured Nilia as well! Nilia said that you know who or what is behind this. So, uh... do you?
Goborah: You humans are CRAZY... always lookin' to get yourselves into trouble. You got some NERVE coming into my territory asking for my help. But, yes, Nilia was right. I do know.
Goborah: Nilia once saved me from a rabid Zarlath so I guess I owe you humans something. The person behind this mess calls himself the ZARDMASTER...
Goborah: ....and it's no wonder-- his given name is DILWOD SACKELBERRY. He is a fallen mage's apprentice who has always believed that Zards and their kind should be the REAL rulers of Lore, not you human-types.
«You»: Dilwod Sackelberry? Hehe. *clears throat* Do you know where this freak is?
Goborah: Yeah, I do. And it's SUICIDE for you to go there. He's at the old VORADAK TEMPLE in the coastal jungle, about two days' journey east of here.

    «If you have less than 10 Health Potions, the following additional dialogue occurs.»

    Goborah: You don't have very many health potions do you? Here, you can have some of mine. You may need 'em.
    «You»: Potions. Everywhere I go someone wants to give me potions. And it's always two or three potions, as if that would do any good. You know what, KEEP your potions.
    Goborah: Again, I rest my case, humans certainly are CRAZY. TAKE THE POTIONS.

    «Goborah supplies you with potions until your total Health Potion count reaches 10.»

    «You»: Well, okay...thanks for all the potions. I really hope I don't need them. They kind of make me giggly if I take too many.
    Goborah: You probably won't NEED them all. You probably won't live long enough to drink'em.
Goborah: I gotta get going! I can smell my B.U.R.P. burning in the oven.

«Goborah leaves the scene.»

Two long days later....

«Scene: Voradak Temple»

«You»: Whoa. Voradak Temple! A place of worship for many Elemental Lords.
«You»: Until recently, anyway. Rumor has it that the temple lost its magical connection to the world, so high elemental priests found it useless as a place to call upon their Lords' energies.
ZardMaster: Energies that are useless to fools who fail to recognize the TRUE lords of Lore! The ZARDS!
«You»: ZardMaster!! Or should I say... DILWOD SACKELBERRY! What have you done with the Frogzard Hunter and Nilia???
ZardMaster: They await you in the sanctum of the temple, alive or dead, I don't know.
ZardMaster: *cackle* You see, I left their fate to my beautiful SuperZards! And now, you shall face them all by yourself!
ZardMaster: heeeheee... Muuhahahahahahahaaa!!!!

«From here on, every step that the Zardmaster takes up the temple will take you to one battle, for a total of 8 battles, as shown below. You do not receive any heals after any battle.»«Once the Zardmaster reaches the top of the temple...»

ZardMaster: I... I can't believe it... You SURVIVED!! My poor beautiful little SuperZards!!! *sniffle*
«You»: Cry all you want to, Zardmaster! You're next! Your plan to conquer the world is finished!
ZardMaster: We shall see about that! The Zards aren’t ALL I've been mutating!!! Come and get me!«Frogzard Hunter and Nilia exit from the temple doors they were trapped within.»

Nilia: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I couldn't take another minute being chained in that filth and listening to the ZardMaster's incessant babbling.
Frogzard Hunter: Crikey!! Me either, sis! You'd be surprised how much more, er, ZARD-POO these superzards make than the regular variety, mate!
Nilia: Is there some way you can repay our friend here, brother?
Frogzard Hunter: Why-- sure! Let's make this adventurer an HONORARY FROGZARD HUNTER! Here you go, mate!

«The Frogzard Hunter gives you the Frogzard Hunter armor.»

Frogzard Hunter: Your new armor gives you higher level earth protection, and makes your hits stronger against all types of zards!

«You re-enter the scene, wearing the Frogzard Hunter armor.»

Frogzard Hunter: Your new armor gives you higher level earth protection, and makes your hits stronger too! Go find and exterminate the last of those mutant Zards!!

Correction from Z.324 and Crimzon5. Thanks to Sarah_Renee and Geopetal.

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