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Frogzard Hunter: Quest 4

Battleon » Zard hunter Shop » Frogzard Hunter! » Part 4

At the start of the quest, you can skip any section that you already completed
Part 0 - Introduction
«Scene: The desert»

«You»: Ahh, what a nice day for a long walk in the scorching desert! You haven't LIVED until you've done something like this!

«You see footprints in the sand»

«You»: Well, well... What might THAT be? It looks a bit like a Zard track. I hope it is... Zards don't scare me!

1 BATTLE«You»: Okay, so it was a DRAGON track.
«You»: Maybe I don't know as much about Zards as I thought. The expert on them is the ZardHunter, but I haven't seen him in a long tim!

«A bandana flies in and lands on the sand»

«You»: Whoa-- What is THAT??

«Scene zooms in to the bandana, which is labelled "Property of The Zardhunter", and then zooms out.»

«You»: It belongs to the ZardHunter himself! Unbelievable! So he must have been out here recently.
«You»: I wonder what happened to him?? Maybe something BAD... *gulp*

1 BATTLE«Scene: An OrcaZard lying on the ground»

«You»: !!!!!!!!!
«You»: This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "beached whale"!
Orson Whales: Oh... HAHAHA. Very funny. What, "beached killer whale zard"? That's just so funny I might just bite yer leg off. I may not be beached, but I AM parched.
«You»: IT TALKS!
Orson Whales: What, never heard a Zard talk before?? Let me answer that one for yah: NO!
«You»: Yes-- I mean, no-- I haven't! Is it unusual?
Orson Whales: Ummmmmmm...DUH! Of course it's unusual! We DON'T talk, ever!
«You»: Except now.
Orson Whales: Except now. Right.
«You»: So, why are you talking?
Orson Whales: I'm not sure, to be honest. I could talk ever since I was a baby. My whole family could. My family actually sent me away from our home to find others of our kind, but as you can see--
Orson Whales: I have been unsuccessful.
«You»: I would say so.
Orson Whales: I seem to have taken a very wrong turn somewhere. No water in sight for miles and miles. Not good for someone with a fin on his back.
«You»: I found a bandana of someone I know-- the Zardhunter. Have you seen him? Or-- have you eaten him?
Orson Whales: If I found something to eat as juicy as one of you humans, I wouldn't be dying of thirst, now would I? No, I haven't seen anyone for a long time.
Orson Whales: Not to mention that I also lost my map. It kept falling apart in this dry wind. Help me out and I will point you in the right direction.
«You»: What do you need?
Orson Whales: A nice cold Health Potion should do just the trick!
  • Give Orson 1 HP potion!
  • Abandon Quest

    «Orson drinks the potions and glows red. He stands up.»

    Orson Whales: WHEW!! Thank you!! That really hit the spot.
    Orson Whales: Here is the last bit of my map.

    «You receive a map.»

    Orson Whales: Follow the trail on the map piece back the way I came. Hopefully you find the rest of the map pieces along the way, and some clues about your friend the Zardhunter!
    «You»: Thank you! Good luck on YOUR quest, too!
    Part 1
  • Replay Opening
  • Explore Area 1
    (Your progress will be saved at the end of each stage of this quest)

    «You»: Talking Zard! There is a good chance the Zardmaster is behind this. He is known for mutating Zards, after all! I'll only know if I find the rest of this map...«A map piece lies on the floor after the last fight. Click on it.»

    You found the second map piece!
  • Continue Quest
  • Exit Quest
    Part 2

    «Scene: A rainy forest»

  • Replay Opening
  • Explore Area 1 Again
  • Explore Area 2
    (Your progress will be saved at the end of each stage of this quest)

    «You»: Why does it have to be raining? Yulgar doesn't sell a raincoat armor as far as I know, but if it's going to keep raining, I hope he has some on order...«You»: Okay, this rain is getting old. PLEASE, RAIN, STOP! My hair is soaked....

    «The rain slowly stops!»

    «You»: Uh-oh... The rain actually stopped. I hope I don't owe anyone a favor....

    «Baby Frogzards start raining from the sky»

    Gibble: Now that's something of an overreaction, don't yah think?
    «You»: ..................
    Gabble: Done yet?
    «You»: Yes...Yes, I am.
    «You»: So ALL of you can talk?? Just like that talking Killer WhaleZard I met in the desert?
    Gambel: Great Rhombus of Pappadum!!! You met Orson?!?
    «You»: I did! And he sure had a whale of a story to tell!!
    Gambel: I just BET he did! We're his cousins-- Gibble, Gobble, Gabble, Grebbel, Glebbel, Britney and myself, Gambel!
    «You»: Britney?! What's with her name?
    Gambel: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! Ahem... She gets teased about her name too much as it is.
    Gambel: Anyway, you are probably wondering why we fell out of the sky like that.
    «You»: I was getting there.
    Gambel: We were all hiding up in the trees-- There is a CRAZY DUDE trying to grab us all up!
    «You»: A crazy dude, eh? Hmmm... could it be-- the Zardhunter?!
    Gambel: Don't know, don't care. We never saw him before. The rain made the branches so wet we couldn't hold on any longer. But maybe the crazy dude is gone--
    Crazy Dude: Ah-HAH!! GOTCHA!!
    Gambel: Gah! RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    «The Frogzards run off. The Zardmaster enters.»

    «You»: CRAZY DUDE!
    Zardmaster: Hardly!! I am the ZARDMASTER, and I will crush you if I have to, in order to get those little talking zardlings!!
    «You»: The Zardmaster...AKA Dilwod Sackelberry, maker of mutant zards!
    Zardmaster: NEVER call me by that name! It makes me cringe at the memory of my insufferable childhood!
    «You»: Alright, Dilwod Sackelberry, I will not say Dilwod Sackelberry again for a while.
    Zardmaster: Thank y-- HEY!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLEZardmaster: Well, well... You held me here long enough that the zardlings have gotten away!
    «You»: That's good. Now, you can tell me why you are chasing them or I can soften you up a bit more...

    «At this point, there is a 50% chance of receiving the additional dialogue, and a 50% chance of just continuing with the quest below.»

      Zardmaster: You're not getting me to talk THAT easily!!
    • Fight!

      Level 0-24: Zardmaster (10)
      Level 25-49: Zardmaster (30)
      Level 50-69: Zardmaster (50)
      Level 70-84: Zardmaster (75)
      Level 85+: Zardmaster (100)

      Full Heal

      «You»: Okay, one more time: Will you tell me why you are chasing those talking zardlings or do I need to beat it out of you?!

      «You repeat the 50% chance of continuing the quest again until you manage to proceed with it.»
    Zardmaster: Fine! I'm done fighting for the day. I'm after those zardlings precisely BECAUSE they can talk! I have known of them for months now. At first there were only rumors among townsfolk--
    Zardmaster: -- but once grainy sketches accompanied by primitive phonographic recordings of zards speaking etched onto clay plates appeared, I had PROOF!!
    Zardmaster: Someone has been taking MY work one step further. While I mutated zards into new forms to help me conquer the world, this OTHER person has been helping zards EVOLVE!
    Zardmaster: MAKING THEM SMARTER!! I cannot let this happen!!
    «You» Oh, I see. If the zards get smart, then YOU won't be able to rule them--because they will realize just what a moron you are!
    Zardmaster: Bah!! That doesn't even deserve a response!
    «You»: NO COMMENT == YES, buddy.
    Zardmaster: Next time we meet, I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!
  • Sayonara!

    «The Zardmaster leaves.»

    «You»: He dropped something!!

    You found the third piece of the map!
  • Borrow the Zardmaster Lance!
    **(This item will disappear when you log out or switch characters)
  • Continue Quest
  • Exit Quest
    Part 3

    «Scene: A undead forest»

  • Replay Opening
  • Explore Area 1 Again
  • Explore Area 2 Again
  • Explore Area 3
    (Your progress will be saved at the end of each stage of this quest)

    «You»: This place isn't scary enough to keep ME out. Hey, trees, did any of you happen to see the Zardhunter pass through here?

    «No response.»

    «You»:: ..................

    «Still no response.»

    «You»: Trees, please-- Can one of you answer please? I'm trying to track down the Frogzard Hunter.

    «A long pause...»

    Bill Bough: *snort* H-- huh?? What? Who are you?!
    «You»: Oh-- sorry! I didn't know you were asleep! All of your eyes and mouths are OPEN!
    Bill Bough: I understand the confusion. We're TREES... We don't move. Our eyes and mouths are just like this, all the time. I suppose it adds to the freakiness of the whole "evil tree" thing.
    Bill Bough: It DOES get annoying, though, what with all the BUGS and RODENTS constantly crawling through our orifices. And they tend to leave little gifts behind, too, when they--
    «You»: *gack* Ugh-- stop right there. I don't need to hear anymore of that. So-- did anyone see or hear the Frogzard Hunter in the past few days?
    Bill Bough: Well, I sure didn't. But my friend over there knows EVERYTHING that goes on in these woods. Hey, Leif!! Wake up!
    Leif Carrot: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Who--What-- Wh--
    Bill Bough: Leif, did you hear anything about a Frogzard Hunter coming through here? Anything at all?
    Leif Carrot: Hmmmmm... OH YEAH!! Some silly zombie was wandering around here on Tuesday muttering something about brains... and also about a Frogzard Hunter guy.
    Leif Carrot: Maybe he ate the guy's brain... or maybe the guy ate the zombie's brain...I don't know. It's always entertaining to watch a zombie stumbling about, though.
    Leif Carrot: The zombie was headed THAT WAY, the last time I saw him.
    Bill Bough: Um, Leif? WHICH way, exactly? I know you're trying to point, but since we can't MOVE at all, you really need to verbalize what you mean. Use your WORDS, Leif.
    Leif Carrot: Oh yeah. He was going SOUTH.
    «You»: Thank you, my bark-skinned brothers!
  • Search!«You»: Uh oh! Didn't I just defeat a ZOMBIE? I should have asked him about the Frogzard Hunter before I viciously beat him!!
    «You»: Now I might not ever pick up the Frogzard Hunter's trail again...

    «A brain is thrown at your character.»

    «You»: *blink blink*

    «Scene zooms in to the brain, which is labelled "Property of The Zardhunter."»

    «You»: Poor, poor Frogzard Hunter. Why, oh why?

    «A Zombie Zard enters.»

    Rob ZombieZard: Don't even THINK about eating that.
    «You»: I wouldn't, trust me! Oh wait-- YOU are a zombie! I suppose that brain is your dinner....
    «You»: ...and I suppose my quest is over! The Frogzard Hunter is obviously finished. I suppose I'll be going now.
  • Leave

    «You return to Battl--»

    Rob ZombieZard: Wait a minute! Get back here!
  • ???

    «You return to the forest.»

    «You»: I was almost back to town. What is it?
    Rob ZombieZard: I only said 'don't even think about eating that'! It's true, it belonged to the Frogzard Hunter. And yes, it looks like a brain.
    Rob ZombieZard: I can even see how you might assume it WAS his brain. I assumed that. But guess what-- It's flippin' CHEESE! Cheese that happen to look and smell like a brain.
    «You»: I suddenly feel queasy.
    Rob ZombieZard: I found it halfway between here and the Hill of a 1000 Corpses. I found a ripped piece of a map, too. Here-- You can have them both.
    Rob ZombieZard: I'm going to go find a REAL brain to get this cheese aftertaste out of my mouth!
    Rob ZombieZard: Say-- You don't happen to know where I could find a real brain around here, do you?
    «You»: ...................
    «You»: Jeez, no, I don't.
    Rob ZombieZard: Are you sure? I know these trees can talk, but they are enchanted or whatever. No brains. But--
    Rob ZombieZard: Hey now. YOU can talk!
    «You»: What?! I'm enchanted, too! No brain in here, nooooo sir!
    Rob ZombieZard: *salivates*
  • Fight!!«You»: The last piece of the map!!

    You found the fourth piece of the map!
  • Take the ZombieZard Guest with you!
    **(This item will disappear when you log out or switch characters)
  • Continue Quest
  • Exit Quest
    Part 4

    «Scene: Mountains»

  • Replay Opening
  • Explore Area 1 Again
  • Explore Area 2 Again
  • Explore Area 3 Again
  • Explore Area 4
    (Your progress will be saved at the end of each stage of this quest)

    «You»: What happened to the Frogzard Hunter?! Why is he missing his bandana and his brain-cheese?! And WHO made the talking zards?!? I have a feeling I will find out soon!
  • Go!«You find a cave.»

    «You»: This cave must be it! All of the answers lie inside!!
  • Inside!

  • Borrow the Zardhunter Elite Armor!
    **(This item will disappear when you log out or switch characters)
  • Continue Quest
  • Exit Quest
    Part 5 - SmartZard's Base!

    «Scene: Mountains»

  • Replay Opening
  • Explore Area 1 Again
  • Explore Area 2 Again
  • Explore Area 3 Again
  • Explore Area 4 Again
  • SmartZard's Base!
    (Your progress will be saved at the end of each stage of this quest)

    «You»: This.............. has got to be the most boring cave I have ever seen.

    «A Frogzard flies in on a hovering chair.»

    «You»: Awww no! Not another talking zard!
    ???: Not just ANY talking zard, my warm-blooded intruder--
    SmartZard: I AM THE SMARTZARD!!!
    SmartZard: I was considering letting you out of my secret base unscathed, but I think that since you are so obviously biased against my kind that I will instead decimate you.
    «You»: Hah! You aren't so smart after all. 'Decimate' means 'destroy 10% of' something. So, please, go ahead and decimate me.
    SmartZard: *grumble* Fine! Then I will annihilate you!!
  • Annihilate!SmartZard: Luckily my pain receptors are drowning in endorphins right now, or I would be writhing in excruciating agony at your feet!
    SmartZard: I am not about to say that you are my intellectual superior, but you are indeed my...ahem...equal or greater in physical combat.
    «You»: Thanks for the complim-- hey! Okay, now where is the Frogzard Hunter?
    SmartZard: *thip thip thip* I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice diet cola--
  • !!!

    «The Frogzard Hunter and Nilia enter.»

    Frogzard Hunter: Crikey! Keep yer movie quotes to yerself, mate!
    SmartZard: Sorry, I could not help myself. The time was ripe for it.
    Nilia: My brother's right, you know. You have quite a morbid sense of humor.
    «You»: Am I having some kind of hallucination brought on by high concentrations of cave gas?
    SmartZard: Hah! I chose a very safe cave. The only source of cave gas in here is ME!

    «The Frogzard Hunter and Nilia move away from the SmartZard.»

    SmartZard: What??
    «You»: So what is going on here, anyway? I came all this way thinking you were in danger, only to find you here with SmartZard and your sister.
    Frogzard Hunter: I can see how it's a bit confusing, mate. Y'see, I spend all of my time tracking and researching the most versatile creatures on Lore: Zards.
    Frogzard Hunter: So I was more than a little curious when I heard about talking zards! It took me a long time to find where they all came from: Here!
    Frogzard Hunter: I even lost me bandana and an expensive block of brain cheese me mum sent me in her last care package!
    Frogzard Hunter: SmartZard here actually EVOLVED on his own, from the original mutated zards that the Zardmaster-- Dilwod Sackelberry -- created years ago!
    SmartZard: I used my genius to set up a secret underground lab and began giving the gift of intelligence to OTHER zards!!
    «You»: That's actually-- kind of cool! Is it all LEGAL?
    Frogzard Hunter: ......................
    SmartZard: ...........................
    Nilia: ........................
    Nilia: I think I have our lawyer's business card on me if you have any more questions.
    SmartZard: My fellow SmartZards will change the face of the world. From now on, Zards will no longer be subjected to the whims of crazy supervillains.
    SmartZard: If we want to be mutated, we will do it ourselves, by Jove!
    Nilia: The world will never be the same again. At least, some of the zards will never be the same again.
    Frogzard Hunter: Fair dinkum!
  • Reward
    Zardhunter 4

  • Dilwod Javelin
  • Dilwod Pike
  • Greater Zardbane
  • Sackelberry Spetum
  • Sackelberry Spear
  • Zardmaster Lance

  • Zardmaster
  • Zardhunter Ultra
  • Zardmaster Z
  • Zardhunter Elite

  • Baby Zombie Zard
  • Young Zombie Zard
  • Zombie Zard
  • Hungry Zombie Zard
  • Elite Zombie Zard

    Frogzard Hunter: Good on yah, mate!
  • Thanks!
    «You»: Oh-- one last question! Nilia, why are your graphics so bad when the Frogzard Hunter's got updated??
    Nilia: They asked if I wanted one, and I flat-out refused. Getting an update is just giving in to vanity.
    Frogzard Hunter:
  • Bye!

    Written up by whackybeanz.

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