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The SecretWerepyre Hideout

Location: Travel Map > Drakovia Forest > Werepyre Hideout

Chico: Uhhh… hehehe. It looks like we found the secret of western Drakovia. It looks pretty dark inside there, so I think I’ll just be leaving now.
You: Now come on Chico. I thought you were a brave little Moglin. You’ve come with me this far, why not keep going all the way?
Chico: Well, I’ve got a bunch of reasons, but the biggest one is that THIS PLACE SCARES THE FLUB OUTTA ME!

Chico moves closer to you.

You: Hey hey hey….don’t worry, I’m here to protect you.
Chico: R--r-really? Well, okay then. Um…I guess its better I stay with you than try to get back home by myself.
You: Now that’s a good little Moglin…

A shadow approaches you.

Chico: Aaahh!! Something’s coming!

Level 25 and Below
Blecch (1)

Level 26-49
Moglin Freak (25)

Level 50+

Shadow appears again.

Chico: Aaahh!! Again! Something ELSE is coming!

Level 25 and Below
Sickly Zombie

Level 26-49
Evil Eye

Level 50+
Lesser Droag

Shadow appears once again.

Chico: Oh man, I don’t think I can take this anymore!
You Wait! I have an idea!

You fall to the ground.

Chico: What the fizzle wizzle are you doing??!!
You: Trust me! Play dead, Chico!!
Chico: Well, okay… its either that or be a snack for that Terrible Glicthgug that’s coming this way…

Chico falls to the ground. The shadow then leaves and You and Chico get back up.

Chico: Phew!! That was a good idea!!
You: Okay, we’d better get inside before more nasty freaks spots us!

You enter the building.

Chico: Now what? Hmmm… this place doesn’t smell to good.
You: I don’t smell anything but rot and decay. You should be used to it by now, living on the edge of Drakovia.

Wolfwing appears.

Wolfwing: GAAAHHH!!

Chico jumps out of the screen

You: So, are you going to say something, or just there and look ugly? Make your move!
Wolfwing: You--- are not the first who has found my keep of solitude, from where I watch over all the fools who think they have power. They do not know true power!
Wolfwing: I am master of the night! Lord of twilight! Guardian of the moon! I am WOLFWING, master of all Werepyres!
You: You are, are you? You sound like your applying for a job…
Wolfwing: YOU DARE MOCK ME??!!

Wolfwing attacks you.

You: Okay, you have my attention…
Wolfwing: You were brave enough to find me, so I will offer you a choice. If you already either a vampire or werewolf, I can give you a greater gift…
Wolfwing: --I can make you a WEREPYRE! You will have command over the powers of both vampires and werewolves! But you will not be welcome by either side.
You: So what is my other option?
Wolfwing: I will eat you… and your little Moglin Chico too!
You: Hmmm… such a hard decision to make.
Wolfwing: CHOOSE…. NOW!!!!

A Dangerous Choice…
Becoming a Werepyre will give you the full powers of both Vampires and Werewolf armours. However, it comes at a high price… you will become a complete outcast and be rejected by Humans, Werewolves and Vampires. What will you do?

Choice 1
Become a Werepyre!
    If you are neither Werewolf nor Vampire, you will instead get...

    1 BATTLE
Wolfwing: Very well… prepare yourself human. My curse shall now become yours.

The screen turns black.

Wolfwing: Impressive… my bite would have instantly killed any other human. How is it possible you survived?
Wolfwing: That matters little… You are now a Werepyre! The darkness courses through your veins. I wish you well with your gift… and curse… Hahahahahaha!

Wolfwing disappears, Chico appears, Werepyre becomes available.

Werepyre Armor: You have become-- a mighty Werepyre!

Choice 2
Battle WolfWing (Level 400)

Wolfwing: So be it! Prepare for oblivion!!!

Battle Wolfwing

You: Great Elemental Lords!! I can't believe I actually beat that guy! I am truly l33t!
Is it

Chico: Is it safe to come out now??

Entry from Drayken. Update by ruleandrew.

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