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Vampire Offensive

The Lycans, led by their powerful Werewolf King, have attacked the territory of Queen Safiria, mistress of all Darkovian Vampires.
You must do your Queen's bidding and and attack the werewolves. Avenge the Vampires!

Thanks for risking your life in the name of Queen Safiria! Together we will vanquish the furry Lycan menace!
Moglopyre: If you need to be healed I can help you.

Heal me please

Moglopyre: There you goes! All healed up! May you slay those foul-smelling Werewolves swiftly!

The Werewolves are a deadly threat, but you and your fellow Vampire warriors must defeat them in order to protect the realm of Queen Safiria! Good luck!

Battle the army
Level 39 and Below
Alpha Werewolf (30)
Werewolf Warrior (5)
Werewolf Warrior (20)

Level 40+
Alpha Werewolf (30)
Hungry Were-Hare
Voracious Were-Hare
Werewolf Warrior (5)
Werewolf Warrior (20)

After 500,000 werewolves are defeated:

Level 39 and Below
Werewolf Guard

Level 40+
Werewolf Guards

Level 39 and Below
Werefist (30)

Level 40-60
Werefist (60)

Level 61+
Werefist (90)

You: Greetings, my Queen. I come to tell you the news of our victory. The Werewolf King's forces have retreated!
Safiria: You have done well my Vampiric kin! Now, go back to our castle, where you will find a new reward for your loyalty in this battle!

As reward the Vampspears ( Basic / Sharpened / Royal) went on sale at Safiria's Shop.

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