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Scakk -> Captain Munch Attacks! (4/19/2010 15:47:35)

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2009 Event

Captain Munch Attacks!

Location: Event Button > Talk Like a Pirate! Warlic's Shop > Drag Magma Leaf + Mermazon Kelp + Slattwob Dust into the Cauldron > Captain Munch Attacks!

«A short cutscene shows a ship sailing on the sea, and a serpent-like monster appears from the deep depths of the sea, grabbing the ship with it's mouth and flinging it back to shore. The ship crashes right beside a boy, and the boy places his hands on his head in agony.»

Kai: Awwww nooo!! My pirate ship!!
Captain Munch: I have come to plunder your towns! Is this ALL of the resistance you offer? A mere TOY BOAT??

«Kai places his hands down and looks up at Captain Munch.»

Kai: .......... No. But I can tell you that if you think YOU can plunder Lolosia, you're wrong!
Captain Munch: Perhaps if I was ALONE... but I am a pirate captain, and I know the importance of numbers. I brought myself a little army!
Captain Munch: When I became this creature I realized my only weakness.. I was a weak, soft MAMMAL. So I ate my human crew and formed a new force of loyal minions. No mammals allowed!

«Captain Munch raises his claw.»

Captain Munch: MINIONS-- ATTACK!!

«Kai raises his hands up in fear and escapes.»
The port town of Lolosia is under attack by the reptilian pirate Captain Munch and his army of monsters (no mammals allowed)! You have been called to help. Fight through all of the enemies and chase Captain Munch back into the sea!
  • To Lolosia!

  • «Captain Munch enters»

    Captain Munch: How lucky for you that a shipload of breathing potions was accidentally dumped into the ocean years ago!
    Captain Munch: But I have been changed-- transformed into something much more powerful than a mere creature like you! Scaled and feathered creatures obey me!
    Captain Munch: You may have pushed my forces and I back to the sea, but I will be back!!
    «You»: I have some news for you there, Captain Munch...
    «You»: I'm going to stop you right here and now!
    Captain Munch: Do your BEST, warm-blood!!
  • Fight!
    Captain Munch

  • Photic Quindent Z
  • Pelagic Quindent
  • Guardian Euphotic Quindent
  • Bathyal Quindent Z
  • Mesopelagic Quindent
  • Guardian Abyssal Quindent
  • Hadal Quindent

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
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    Entry write up thanks to whackybeanz. Monster lists credits to In Media Res. Unrarity thanks to Eggroll654.

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