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VasVadum -> Idea for the Character Page! (4/20/2010 8:31:52)

Changable items! So that you can click on the items the player owns and the character page shows what the character would look like with those items on. Also, changeable background color would be nice too as I wanted to change the background to black so I could make a wallpaper with my character in it with a black background. Anyhow, my main thing is the changing of weapons and armors or anything else on there. As well as adding a "none" to the weapon list to show the character without a weapon or shield/gauntlet.

Digital X -> RE: Idea for the Character Page! (4/20/2010 8:54:29)

I do not think Warpforce is taking suggestions at the moment. It may be later though but i'm not sure who's in charge for that.

Bu Kek Siansu -> RE: Idea for the Character Page! (4/20/2010 9:20:23)

WF is not ready yet taking suggestions! Locked! Sorry! :p

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