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Eukara Vox -> =Storyline= 22Apr10 Design Notes - A Dragon Comes to AQ (4/22/2010 13:14:59)

Hello, and wow, here goes nothing.

As Falerin mentioned earlier this month, some new faces to AQ's writing team were going to show up with quests for your amusement and enjoyment. One of those happens to be mine! The quest in Ms. Fixit today was actually written some time ago, specifically, at the time that the Zardian said goodbye to many of you. Those of you that followed the Chrysa and Talvan adventures will be pleasantly surprised and hopefully, relive some of the antics that followed the duo around. And perhaps, now, those of you that read will understand the end of the last adventure.


For those of you not familiar with Chrysa and Talvan, the crazy storyline begins here, Issue 38 and continues through the last issue, Issue 51. Back at the beginning, a friend and fellow Zardian writer, Sentharn, and I got this wacky idea in our head to collaborate on a dragon/rider combination that traveled around earth, seeking out "mythical" creatures to make sure people got their facts straight. Kelpies, Amphitheres, fauns, cupids, centaurs, phoenix... and more. Unfortunately, real life pulled Sentharn away early on and I had to continue alone, but the spirit lived on.

Of course, finding such creatures didn't always turn out for the best. Both Chrysa and Talvan received their fair share of bumps, bruises, kidnappings and harassment - all for the sake of discovery and knowledge. D.U.M.B. (Distressed Underground Mythical Beasts) got involved, since, according to them, Chrysa and Talvan's meddling was drawing too much attention. For good measure, a Ruk got involved too.

But one good thing came of this! We finally find out what the big deal was behind all these false evidences that keep popping up around the world (dragon baby in a jar, the recent el chupacabra incident in Texas...). Ah yes, Issue 49. [:D]

Anyway, I could go on and on about these two, as writing about them was an absolute joy. But you have other things to attend to... like playing AQ! Suffice it to say, that when we found out The Zardian was to say farewell, I changed the very end of the last chapter of Chrysa and Talvan to give it an air of mystery. Because this quest was a continuation of that story.

SO... what do you think happens when a Terran adventurer with dragonfly wings (we don't talk about the fairy incident) and her teenage dragon arrive on Lore? I guess you will just have to play and see.


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