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Bu Kek Siansu -> Spreading Warped IMP (5/3/2010 21:25:50)


Spreading Warped IMP
Element: Light
Location: LSS ALTEON > WarpGuardian Shop
Level: 25
Price: 67
Sellback: 33

Power Level: 32
MP Level: 30
Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: Light
Damage: 7-24 plus 73% Stats|
BTH: +8 plus Stats
|Stat Bonus: INT/4 to damage, INT/16 + DEX/16 + LUK/20 to BTH
MP Cost: 24

This tech does the same thing as EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse): Damages anything electronic that you aim it at. It is called IMP because it's easier to pronounce. (Thanks RvB!) This is a low-power tech, designed to be used repeatedly. (Guardian Only)


Thanks to Karika. Numbers thanks to Aelthai. Correction thanks to AVA

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