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Bu Kek Siansu -> Medic IX (5/3/2010 22:48:52)

Medic I(L0), Medic II(L8), WG Medic III(L16), WG Medic IV(L26G), Medic V(L36), Warp Medic VI(L46G),
Medic VII(L56), Warp Medic VIII(L66G), Medic IX(L76), Warp Medic X(L86G)

Medic IX
Element: Neutral
Location: Sick Bay > Dr. Mendas > SHOP
Level: 76
Price: 94,274 Gold
Sellback: 47,137 Gold

Plvl: 96
MPLvl: 96
Cost: 366 MP
Hits: 1
Element: Heal
Type: Melee
Damage: 98-277 plus 522% Stats|
BTH: N/A (always hits)
|Stat Bonus: END/4 (maybe +LUK/2)
* This affects the player. Remember that the player (usually) has -100% Heal Resistance, so that this effect will heal you.

Your medical skills are enough to save your life!


Thanks to AVA. Numbers thanks to Aelthai and In Media Res.

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