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Falerin -> =Story and Dev= 05May2010 Design Notes On the Night (5/5/2010 9:26:25)

With these words Poe describes a hellish sinister landscape that may be a literal hell or may be the tormented twisted hell of his own mind. Words more appropriate can not be found to describe your own coming journey.

And it begins.

A way MIGHT just have been found to pierce the veil between our Lore and that of Krieger's own but it will not be simple, not simple at all, for it is a way that will involve something nearly unthinkable.

A quest and a war in one this weeks release is one of massive proportions.

The fleck meteors continue their distortion and the stakes are getting higher as the Queen of the Hadeni and her closest allies discover the dire and nefarious source of the flecks in the first place, a source that threatens not only Lore but the entire Lorian sector, including the WarpForce, in every single reality!

Poor Corus/Coren we never knew ye... at all.. what was I talking about again?

Lore itself is none-too-settled from the flecks either their affects are running the Knights of Order and the Order of Lorithia both ragged, even the powerful magi (ArchMagi and otherwise) of lore can barely stop to breathe.

The surprises and the revelations will continue to build to a furious pace and lead ultimately to a cliffhanger ending to die for... and if the grave golem gets his way it might be literally.

I think you will find the Sinister Lore a sinister delight, but can you live with the implications of Krieger's world? Can you even live with the implications of your own actions?

Lock and Load, and er... BattleOn!

Falerin -> RE: =Story and Dev= 05May2010 Design Notes On the Night (5/5/2010 14:31:21)

Since my young protege feels the need to share his spleen allow me to relate and officiate what he's seen.



My Lord's post is informative as he tends to be.. which is not much. Of course we do not want to spoil much but I will provide the following tidbits:

His favorite color is purple.
They are coming.
He likes pastry.
Run they're coming...
He is a something of gourmand.



The Krie-guar *urk* *glug* ing

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