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drmonkey22 -> Absolix in WarpForce (5/8/2010 16:51:34)

In Adventure Quest Cartwright said he was sending Absolix to school off of Lore. So maybe he'll be in WarpForce


Nex del Vida -> RE: Absolix in WarpForce (5/8/2010 17:33:32)

I don't see why that follows. In fact, it seems to me that the School of Lore should be on Lore, should it not? The WarpForce is in space, not on Lore.

drmonkey22 -> RE: Absolix in WarpForce (5/8/2010 18:37:05)

Sorry mean to put off not of. Its fixed now.


Omni -> RE: Absolix in WarpForce (5/8/2010 21:18:44)

He could show up, I'm not entirely sure where he's going to school, but I believe a few people have mentioned that they have an idea. Whether or not he shows up though is completely unknown and has not been hinted at all. Granted seeing as how the WF is battling the Network who supposedly serve The'Galin it is very possible for his Avatar Omega's child Absolix to show up in some fashion. I'm not entirely sure what kind of being he is, or how is powers would work in space, but he'd be an interesting addition to the game.

Nex del Vida -> RE: Absolix in WarpForce (5/9/2010 0:47:23)

He seems to draw great strength from the Void. The Network has been referred to as "those who travel through the Void." I can see a connection. However, I also think Absolix is a highly magical being--The Scar is a magical place, and that is where he spent most of his time. I'm not sure how he would function in space.

Tristar Nexus -> RE: Absolix in WarpForce (5/9/2010 5:38:25)

While Absolix is a highly magical being, he seems to be a nexus of power (drawing the power from himself, not a stationary location like lore) or failing that he draws his power from the void which has no bearings on distance or position. The reason I dont see him in WF is that he would be an overpowered ally and a problem to the traditional WF chain of command.

drmonkey22 -> RE: Absolix in WarpForce (5/9/2010 11:19:29)

Thats assuming he would be an ally. Maybe he didn't learn his lesson before. Or maybe he is on our side and hes weaker in space. Or hes on our side and Cartwright grounded him and took his powers like Nythera

Manga Maniac -> RE: Absolix in WarpForce (5/9/2010 16:26:33)

When he said off of Lore, I thought it'd be like, I dunno, somewhere where school was more widely heard of.

I thought somewhere like our Earth, except an Earth where Absolix couldn't easily destroy if he lost his temper, y'know.

drmonkey22 -> RE: Absolix in WarpForce (5/10/2010 22:51:35)

There could be a planet like that in WarpForce or maybe Carwright could send him to help us to teach him a lesson and he wasn't aloud to use all his powers


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