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Location: Children of Ravenloss, Ravenloss (Book 3) -> 2 Down -> Left -> Up -> Enter the house

Quests given

Shops owned
Char's Chest

Children of Ravenloss

Char: Who- who are you? If you're looking to steal, we have nothing for you!
Char: I sent me little brother out to the Market to see what he could find...
Char: But we can't eat rotten bananas and moldy bread, and that's all we can afford!
Char: I just hope our father- *sob*- he's under a spell, I think.
Char: He just sits in the alley, but every time I try to talk to him, he hisses at me to go away!
Char: He came down here searching for our sister.
Char: I'm not sure why SHE'S down here, but Papa said she's needed at home REAL bad!
Char: So when Papa didn't come home, me and Kinder took off before Mama could say no.
Char: We'll bring them BOTH back before we go home. See if we don't!
Char: We just- we just need some food. To have strength to search for her.
Char: Buy some of me merch to help us, <Class>? Please?

  • Char's Chest - opens Char's Chest shop.
  • Done

    Ravenloss (Book 3)

    Char: Hero! I'm Char, you might not remember me, but I remember you! You've helped us, me and my brother, few years ago.
    Char: We were turned into spiders, we had no food, and you've bought our stuff! Thank you so much, so very much!.

    Char: Yes, Tomix told me it was because of the destruction of the Judgement Wheel. Most things got back to normal, but not everything.
    Char: Our father...we visit him in the infirmary, healers are saying his mind cannot be cured. But me and Kinder have found something to occupy us!
    Char: Tomix introduced us to soulweaving. We've been in Edelia for 3 years now, I'm here on a mission to help with Ravenloss stuff! It's so cool!

    Human Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image, human appearance image, and corrections.
  • Voodoo Master for additional dialogue.

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