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Note: This is a basic guide to what weapons are, what they do and how to use them. I will not be listing every single weapon in the game.

A Basic Guide to Items!
Weapons are things that can be equipped... right?

Table of Contents:
Introduction [IG00]
What is a "Weapon"? [IG01]
Weapon Information [IG02]
-Player-Equippable Weapons [IG02.1]
Weapon Specials [IG03]
Mecha Bases [IG04]
Other Items [IG05]
-Loot and Ammo [IG05.1]
-Modifiers [IG05.2]
In Conclusion [IG06]
Progress Log [IGPL]
Credits [IGCD]


Introduction to Items

An item is an object that you can obtain. In MQ, there are four major types of items: mecha bases/chassis, weapons, modifiers and loot/ammo. Each holds a different use and there are plenty of each type. This guide will explain the different types and what their uses are.


What is a "Weapon"?

A weapon is an item that you can equip to your mech and attack with. There are five major types of weapons: Front Arm, Back Arm, Front Shoulder, Back Shoulder and Head. There is also the Body, but you can't equip any of these. Default equipment is preset and cannot be destroyed. However, you can eqiup an item over a default weapon. Weapons are a key ingredient to the game, since you can't really do anything without a weapon.


Weapon Information

Whenever you click a weapon, you get a box with the weapon's information. In it are the following, in this format:
[Weapon Name]
[Equipment Slot], [Level Requirement]
Dmg: [Damage Range]
Energy: [Energy Required] Cooldown: [Cooldown]
Bonuses: [Bonuses]

Weapon Name: The weapon name is, obviously, the weapon's name. Each weapon has a different name.
Equipment Slot: The equipment slot is where the weapon is equipped. There are five different equippable equipment slots: Front Arm, Back Arm, Front Shoulder, Back Shoulder and Head. There is also the Body, but it only appears when clicking a default item.
Level Requirement: This is the level needed to equip this weapon.
Damage Range: The damage range is its base range of damage. After the numbers comes the type of damage it deals. This currently has little to no use.
Energy Required: This is the amount of EP required to use it.
Cooldown: This is the amount of turns you need to wait after using the weapon to use it again. Most weapons have a cooldown of 3, but most Heads and Bodies usually have a cooldown of 5.
Bonuses: This is where bonuses are shown. However, if the weapon does not have any bonuses, this area will not show up at all. Only a select few have this area shown.
Description: This is just some text to accompany the weapon. It has no use.

An example:

Refurbished Machine Gun
Front Arm, Lvl 1
Dmg: 5-9 Ballistic
Energy: 6 Cooldown: 0
They say everyone loves their first Mecha machine gun! But... they must have not had this one. It hits 3 times but is prone to jamming.

Refurbished Machine Gun: This is the name of the weapon.
Front Arm, Lvl 1: This weapon is equipped on the Front Arm slot and requires a level of 1 to use.
Dmg: 5-9 Ballistic: This weapon deals 5-9 Ballistic damage without any damage modifiers.
Energy: 6 Cooldown: 0: This weapon requires 6 EP to use. You need to wait 0 turns after using this weapon to use it again.
They say everyone loves their first Mecha machine gun! But... they must have not had this one. It hits 3 times but is prone to jamming.: The description of the weapon.


Player-Equippable Weapons

Player-equippable weapons are slightly different. They have the same information box format as the mecha-equippable weapons, but they are not used in mecha battles. Instead, they are used in something called energy blade fights. Energy blade fights are based on the damage range of the player-equippable weapon equipped, what option you choose and nothing else. Your stats have no effect on energy blade fights. For more information about these fights, check this guide out.


Weapon Specials

What fun are mecha battles when it's just plain damage? Weapon specials are special effects that induvidual weapons may have. Weapon specials can vary from very simple ones like extra damage and Damage over Time to very complicated effects, such as Buffing and Nerfing over Time. You cannot see what specials weapons may have. Instead, you have to experiment or ask someone to learn more about these specials. More information about weapon specials can be found here.


Mecha Bases

Mecha bases, or chassis, are another key ingredient to the game. They are the mecha you pilot, the body that the weapons are connected to. The mecha base also determines the Body attack you will be using, if the mecha even has one. Each mecha also has a set of default(s) to use. Mecha bases have a slightly different information box format, however. Here it is:

[Mecha Name]
[Level Required]
HP: [HP] EP: [EP] Regen: [EP Regen]

Mecha Name: The mecha name is, obviously, the mecha's name. Each mecha has a different name.
Level Requirement: This is the level needed to equip this mecha.
HP, EP and Regen: The HP is the amount of Hitpoints that the mecha has. The EP is the amount of energy the mecha has. The Regen is the amount of EP regained after each turn.
Description: This is just some text to accompany the mecha. It has no use.

An example:

Newbatron V1
Level 1
HP: 100 EP: 50 Regen: 5
The official GEARS University starter mecha.

Newbatron V1: This is the mecha's name.
Level 1: This mecha requires a level of 1 to equip.
HP: 100 EP: 50 Regen: 5: This mecha has 100HP, 50EP and regains 5 EP per turn.
The official GEARS University starter mecha.: This is the mecha's description.

More information about mechas can be found here and here


Other Items

There are other items besides weapons and mecha bases. There are modifiers (or mods), loot and ammo.


Loot and Ammo

Not many items are considered loot. Loot cannot be equipped by any mecha, and serves no use in battle. They do serve a purpose outside of battle, however. They have the same information box format as weapons, with the Equipment Slot turned into "Loot". Damage will always be 0-0 None. Energy and Cooldown will also always be 0-0 None.

Two weapons require ammo: Crow's Nook Cannons ( NSC, SC, NG) and the Candy Bags ( NSC, SC, NG). The Crow's Nook Cannons are currently available for level 20+ characters, but the Candy Bags are rare. However, their ammo is not rare. There are the Cannonballs for the Cannons and various candy ammo for the Candy Bags. The Candy Bags were available during Moglowe'en 2009. Ammo follow the same format as Loot. Ammo can be found in Tek's Ammo Shop. The Crow's Nook Cannonballs can also be found on a shop in Crow's Nook.



Modifiers, or mods, modify your stats. They follow the same format as Loot and Ammo, though the Bonuses section always shows up. The Bonuses section shows what stat it modifies and by how much. All modifiers currently released have positive bonuses to stats. In the future, there may be negative bonuses to stats with positive bonuses to other stats. There are no default modifiers released as of now.


In Conclusion...

This guide was designed to show you how to read the weapon information interfaces and to show you the different types of items. I hope this guide helped!
Note: This guide was designed for new players; more experienced players may not have learned anything from reading this guide.


Progress Log

6/26/10: Started the guide on Microsoft Word.
6/27/10: Finished the guide on Word and posted it here after some reformatting.
7/15/10: Made some minor additions and corrections.
7/18/10: Corrected some minor mistakes.

Credits to:

Credits To...

All of the MQ Staff: For making the game and making this guide possible.
All of the MQ Players, NSC and SC alike: For being part of the game!
zeke50100: For making one of the guides I linked to.
Dudu Master: For suggesting some things and approving this guide!
neodiabolus: For pointing out a mistake I made.
Me: For everything else. :P

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