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Acient J -> Why Did You Chose Your House? (7/5/2010 18:36:04)

What drove you to join the House that you're in now? Did it fit your personality? Do you like the Base Class associated with it? (This is just a hunch, but I think WB = Warrior, RH = Mage, and MR = Rogue.) Was it the first House you happened to visit and you were just too lazy to visit the others? I chose Runehawk because I'm a bookworm. I enjoy reading for fun as much as playing AE games, and I'm an honor roll student.

(Please follow all of the rules, and do not just post the House you're in or say "I joined x house because it pwns!!!" Give a real reason.)

madman 13 -> RE: Why Did You Chose Your House? (7/10/2010 4:43:04)

RH. because the mech was holding a book. it was lucky, because I then found out it was the only mech I was good with and I kept losing with the others.

ecarr9 -> RE: Why Did You Chose Your House? (8/5/2010 15:13:55)

MR, I'm a mage in DF, but the entry test was the only one that I could beat.

Dragon Ninza2 -> RE: Why Did You Chose Your House? (8/20/2010 12:56:39)

i choose you! runehawk! gotta join'em all! runehawk!
it fits personality

Red Blizzard -> RE: Why Did You Chose Your House? (8/22/2010 11:59:47)

Just thought I'd drop in.

I chose MR because of the house description and because after my sisters test-drove each and every mech, I found the combo of stun, lacerate, and the shoulder weps to be nicer than the RH weapons, and the mech didn't run out of energy as much as the WB mech. Personal taste, my sisters chose RH and WB instead T_T

alexuv -> RE: Why Did You Chose Your House? (8/23/2010 19:38:15)

I Chose It Because The *myst* In Mystraven Fits My Evil And Mysterious Personality On Games. And Because I Liked The Name And Alot More Theres Too Much Work To Be Done If I Was Gonna Put It all On This One Forum Post. Thats Pretty Much All Im Gonna Say.

Brega -> RE: Why Did You Chose Your House? (9/7/2010 9:29:33)

I choose mystraven! I really want those dragons back, cuz I am a dragonlord. And I wanted to try mage once.

Raiden Storm -> RE: Why Did You Chose Your House? (9/24/2010 13:36:18)

I chose Runehawk because i greatly favor wisdom over any other force.

Postmaster General -> RE: Why Did You Chose Your House? (10/6/2010 21:13:44)

I chose Wolfblade because it suits my style. Focusing on power, combined with high luck stats, and critical hits are something I bank on in nearly every battle. As far as MQ goes, I follow Theodore Roosevelt's "Big Stick" Diplomacy. If you boast power, there are few who will mess with you.

Those foolish ShadowScythe have no idea what's coming to them. [;)]

xxDestroyer_of_Lightxx -> RE: Why Did You Chose Your House? (10/22/2010 17:25:11)

i chose mstraven bcause well i was in wolfblade till i got their mech. it was one of the worst mechs id ever used. it took way too ong to cool down. i switched to mystraven and im glad i did. mstraven mechs are very balenced and plus purple is pretty sweet

LigerBeard -> RE: Why Did You Chose Your House? (6/5/2019 20:43:50)

Well, when I first played MQ, I chose Runehawk because I felt that the look of their house was the coolest.

But recently, I started over in MQ, and this time went with Mystraven because I felt that it'd be good to try something different, and also because of the description of the house!

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