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Scakk -> Blind / Dazzled (7/7/2010 22:23:36)


Blind, «» round(s)
Cannot see. -«» to hit.

As described.

Optionally, the blindness may fade over time, instead of just lasting the described number of rounds. If it does so, then the description also says "Fades slowly.", and after the listed duration hits zero rounds it becomes:

Reduced vision perists until a save is made. -«» to hit.

At the beginning of the monster's turn, it makes another saving throw. The blindness lasts until it succeeds on a save. See the individual entries for details on the save; regardless, the monster gets a +2 bonus on its save for each previously failed save.


Resist Blind

Resist Blind «»
Provides a bonus to any saves against Blind and Blind-like effects.

As described.


Scakk -> RE: Blind / Dazzled (7/7/2010 22:26:51)

Things that Blind Monsters:

  • Blinding Blade
  • Cthutlass
  • Flashbang Rat Grenades
  • Gnomish Crossbows ( Light, Regular, Heavy)
  • Holiday Colossi ( «Normal», Z, Arcane, Arcane Z)
  • Umbral Naginata
  • Wyrm Spears ( Lambent, Lucent, Beaming, Brilliant, Effulgent, Radiant, Luminous)

  • Light Dragon Forms ( Young, Normal, Elder, Ancient).
  • Reflecting Plate
  • ShadowSlayer; Lv. 4 skill - Throw weapon: Light Hatchet
  • Wizard Robes ( Generalist's Robe, Lumenomancer's Robe); Lv. 10 skill - Elemental Invocation/Solar Flare

  • Frostval Tree Topper Shields ( Frostval Tree Topper, Frostval Tree Topper Z)
  • Eclipse Shield
  • Lunar Eclipse Shield

  • Allergic Reaction
  • Blackboard spells ( Billowing Biology Blast, Caustic Calculus Cloud Z, Caustic Calculus Cloud, History's Guardian Chalk of Chagrin, Deadly Dunce Dust)
  • Smog Breath
  • Wyrm Strikes ( Lambent, Lucent, Beaming, Brilliant, Effulgent, Radiant, Luminous)

  • Bat Swarm (via Vamp Subrace Armours)
  • Cephalopod
  • Fujin Dragons ( Oreads' Ado Z, Oreads' Ado, Vinddverger's Pest, Lokapala's Nuisance, Bacabs' Bother Z, Bacabs' Bother, Ventus' Aggravation, Anemos' Frustration, Vayu's Pique, Fujin's Curse)
  • Gnil ( Glittering, Sparkling, Brilliant, Radiant, Argent)
  • Mighty Morphin' Golem Strangers ( «Normal», Zeo, Turbo, Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time, Wild)
  • Twilight pets ( Shade's Notice Z, Shade's Notice, Gloom's Indication, Evening's Warning, Dusk's Foreboding, Eventide's Premonition, Nightfall's Omen, Twilight's Harbinger)

  • Frostval Merc's Smoke Grenade
  • Frostval Merc's Zmoke Grenade
  • The Brilliance of Daw

    Frostval Tree Toppers from ont. Correction thanks to Travis Touchdown.

    Things that Dazzle Monsters:

  • Lumenomancer's Robe; Lv. 10 skill - Solar Flare

  • Fireworks
  • Ultraviolent Light

    Things that grant Resistance to Blindness:

  • Paxian Defender

  • Solaris Helms ( Illuminated, Incandescent, Luminous, Brilliant, Dazzling, Radiant, Blazing)

    Correction thanks to Travis Touchdown.

    Things that Blind Players:

  • Drakath, Darkness Dragon
  • Fujin Dragon
  • Gnil ( Glittering, Sparkling, Brilliant, Radiant, Argent).
  • Irolustre
  • Nefrosanctus
  • Ryn the Undying
  • Uvee
  • Zard Gladiator
  • Zardine, Wrothful Zardine

    Thanks to Nova Gryphon for pointing out Nefrosanctus. Ryn the Undying thanks to The Forgotten

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