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Scakk -> Entangle (7/7/2010 23:06:53)


Entangle: - DEX
Tied down, stuck, or otherwise incapacitated. Reduced mobility (reduced DEX) until successful STR save to break free.

While in effect, the monster's DEX is decreased by the displayed number. This does not show up on the monster's stats, but it still takes effect.

At the end of the monster's turn, it makes another Save. If the Entangle was inflicted by monster (to you), then the save is:
    Level: MonsterLevel vs YourLevel
    Major: ScaledMajorStat vs YourSTR
    Minor: MonsterLUK vs YourLUK
If the Entangle is inflicted by you to the monster, then it the save is:
    Level: PowerLevel vs MonsterLevel
    Major: ScaledMajorStat vs MonsterSTR
    Minor: ScaledMinorStat vs MonsterLUK
  • PowerLevel is the same Level that was used on the original save (the one made to resist being Entangled in the first place)
  • ScaledMajorStat is either [2.1462*Level + 10.399] (rounded to the nearest 5, min 10, max 200) if a monster, Weapon, Pet, or Guest inflicted the Entangle; or YourDEX otherwise
  • ScaledMinorStat is either [0.7123*Level - 19.111] (rounded to the nearest 5, min 0, max 200) if a Pet or Guest inflicted the Entangle; or YourLUK otherwise.

    If it succeeds on this save, then it is no longer Entangled. (The Entangle lasts until the monster succeeds at this save). Also, the monster receives +( -20 + 5*[Number of turns it has been Entangled, maximum 8] ) to its roll.

    If the monster is Entangled again and the new Entangle has an equal or higher DEX penalty, then the new Entangle replaces the old one. Otherwise, the old Entangle remains, and the [Number of turns it has been Entangled] from the above paragraph is decreased by 1.


    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf.

  • Scakk -> RE: Entangle (7/7/2010 23:08:08)

    Things that Entangle Monsters:

  • GumBlade
  • The Websplurter

  • NightHunter

  • Entangling Vines
  • Gumn Spells ( Tacky Z, Tacky, Sticky Z, Sticky, Goopy Z, Goopy, Everlasting Guardian).
  • Gravy Cannon

  • Squidge ( Original, GGB)

  • Ninja Lawyer Assassins
  • Poutine Golem
  • Squidge

    Monsters that Entangle players:
  • Ethereal Arakkna
  • NightHunter

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