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Guide to Typing Adventures.

1: Introduction to Typing Adventures
1.1: What is a Typing Adventure?
1.2: Current Typing Adventure List.
1.3: How to play a Typing adventure quest.
1.4: Notes
2: Walkthroughs
2.1: The Nightmare
2.2: Pac-Togonal-Tastic!
2.3: The Ruins of Sil
3: Special Thanks
3.1: I would like to thank:

Section 1: Introduction to Typing Adventures

1.1: What is a Typing adventure?

There are a few quests in DragonFable which require the player to type in commands using the keyboard to finish the quest, or part of the quest. The player must type in commands to a text box at the bottom of the screen to activate events.

1.2: Current list of DF Typing Adventures

The Nightmare
The Ruins of Sil

1.3: How to play a typing adventure quest

Typing Adventures are easy to play once you understand. All you need to do is enter your command into the text box at the bottom of the screen. There is a list of commands that you can use if you type 'HELP' into the box.

1.4: Notes

Anything extra related to the guide or DF that you may need to know about will be written here.

  • Any spelling mistakes of the DF text are deliberate-I have put what the DF staff wrote in the quest.
  • Level 10 is required to do the quest 'Pac-Toginal-Tastic!'.
  • Don't type the quotation marks that are next to what you need to type.

1.5: Contact

Anything I've left out? Found a new Typing quest? Have a correction? Found a new entry that works? Send me a PM. Please make sure it is definitely not included in the guide.
Need to wait for a couple of days after a release before sending-If I have not updated the guide by the Monday after the release I need reminding.

Section 2: Walkthroughs

2.1: Layout

Headings: Bold
What you need to type: 'Quotations'
Game text: Normal

2.2: The Nightmare

Quest Name: The Nightmare
Location: The Locker

Info: This was the very first of the Typing Adventure quests in DF. It is very short and only requires a couple of entries.

What to watch out for:
A 'Skip' button will appear if you wait long enough, but it is quicker to do the typing.
It has 10 irritating Adepts in it, which do 4 hit/ 6 hit attacks, so watch out.

How to complete the quest:


It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a pae.

<Type the word 'Help' and press Enter>

A list of commands that you can use will appear.

<Type the word 'Look' and press Enter>


You find it's pitch black.
You arrived from the east.

Oh, wait, there's a torch

Exits: East

<You need to get the torch: type:>

'Get Torch'


>Take torch
You now have the torch. You should probbly use it.

<Type in the words 'Use Torch'>

It will load a new weapon, which is the torch (it does the same damage/element as the weapon you had equipped before. You can load your weapon again if you want to)


Simplest puzzle ever.

Fight your way out of the quest from there.

2.3: Pac-Toginal-Tastic!

Quest Name: Pac-Toginal-Tastic!
Location: Oaklore Keep>Rolith>Official Keep Quests

Info: This is a very long Text Adventure and can take over 10 minutes to complete.
Drops 4 of the coolest pets in the game. These are mini-versions of the togs that you fight in the quest. For more information visit the quest's page ( Pac-Toginal-Tastic!).
You need to be at least level 10 to access this quest.

What to watch out for:
Don't ever try fighting the Ghost-Togs without the power gems. They have over 25000 HP and have ridiculous defense stats (+300 or something similar).

How to complete the quest:


<Character Name>: Hmm... score bar? That's new.
<Character Name>: Oh! I get it! I wonder what happens when I press ENTER...
[A bar appears]
<Character Name>: NICE! I thought that'd work....How about if I type LOOK?
[On four clicks, the letters L O O K appear in the box]
<Character Name>: ...And now press ENTER again...
[Window appears]

A Small Clearing
A Simple forest clearing. The Path you followed into the woods fades as the last cobblestones disappear into the dirt. There is an Exit EAST Press RETURN to input commands. HELP For a command list!

<Character Name>: Alright, so it's and old-school text-parsing adventure... The commands should be fairly simple.
<Character Name>: I bet typing HELP will lead to a list of every command I'll need.
<Character Name>: Let's get started then. I should be sure to try to LOOK at everything that could be important!
<Character Name>: And once I get some items, using them ON things in different rooms will be needed too!

[Begin Quest by walking right]

<Walk up to the tree stump and press ENTER. The typing box will appear. Enter the following:>

'Get Crank'


You got the crank!!
It's a crank with a square end. Not sure where it belongs, but it looks out of place, so better keep it with you.

<Go up. You need to get the Orange Power Gem from below the Rock (left of the path). Walk up to the rock and enter the following:>

'Look rock'


The Boulder

pushing against it, you feel it roll aside.

<Get the Orange Power Gem. Enter the following:>

'Get orange power pellet'


Orange Power Pellet!!

You've got an Orange power pellet. Now find a way to use it

<Go left. Walk up to the cannonball and type one of the following:>

'Get cannonball'



It's a heavy cannonball, it'd do some serious damage if you found a cannon to shoot it from...

<Go left again. Walk up to the well and enter 'Use Crank on well'.>


Blue Power Pellet

The well crank fits perfectly and wheeling it up, you discover in the basket a BLUEGEM! All this involved lots of animation, pitty it's behind this text block huh?

<Go left, all the way back to the screen with the big boulder and go up. Type the following when you see the blue Ghost-Tog:>

'Use blue power pellet on ghost'

You will enter a battle with Blueberry. Kill him.

<Go left, walk up to the cannon and enter one of the following:>

'Use cannonball on cannon'


<Walk into the cave, go up to the pink gem and enter:>

'Get pink power pellet'


Pink Power Pellet!!

You've got a pink power pellet. Now find a way to use it

<Go back to the screen with the well and go right. Enter the following when you see the pink ghost-tog.>

'Use pink power pellet on ghost'

Battle Schnozzberry and kill it.

<Go up. Enter the following:>

'Use orange power pellet on ghost'

Battle Orange and kill it.

<Walk up to the jar and enter the following:

'Take Jar of Flies'


Jar of Flies!!

It's a jar of flies.

<Go down until you see a red Ghost-Tog. Don't battle it, sneak past it and go left. You will see a lake. Walk up to the lake and enter the following:>
'Use jar of flies on lake'

A frog will appear.



That's one big frog. And boy is it happy to have gotten the fly you offered. Man, it's dancing like crazy. As it celebrates, it hands over a Red Power Pellet in thanks!a

<Go left. Enter the following:>

'Use red power pellet on ghost'

Battle Cherry and kill it.


Objective: Completed!
You might not be a knight, but you've earned their respect!

Ruins of Sil (Catacombs)

Note: Beware of Spoilers! If you don't want the quest spoiled DO NOT READ THE INFO BELOW!!!!!

Quest Name: Sil Ruins
Location: Falconreach Travel Gryphon: The Ruins of Sil.

Info: Very long and tough. This isn't so much of a typing adventure as interactive, but it runs in the same category as them so I will include a small section. Anyway, the objective is to explore the ruins regularly, however there is a large catacomb section which is so dark, so you have to explore in a different fashion to normal. Essentially you enter the catacombs, and hit different buttons, such as 'Go East' or 'Check the North Wall' to explore.

What to watch out for: The section with 'Goo' on the floor hurts you every time you change room.
Hints: The troll attack can be warded off by using 'Throw Torch' and 'Sneak Away'. If you have the Hand bell you can use it and scare the troll away (lol).
It is helpful to draw yourself a map, unless you have a very good sense of virtual direction.
>>>Click!<<< for a complete spoiler map of the Sil Catacombs, if you really need help with this. It will pretty much walk you through the whole quest.

In depth guide:

In the Sil Ruins there are many items to be discovered, and a few weapon rewards. I will do a quick overview on these and include the directions to get every item.

Quest items
Description: A long piece of rope. Useful for many things, including pretending you are a cowboy. Or a cowgirl.
How to get it: Southeast catacombs > West > North > East > East > North > North >West
Uses: Climb to Broken Blade chest.

Hand Bell
Description: An ornate silver bell. It has a nice ring to it. Hah, you're funny.
How to get it: Southeast catacombs:
Uses: Scare the Troll away.

Description: A pair of thick leather boots, well made and quite heavy. These will insulate your feet.
Requirements: Hand Bell
How to get them: Find the Troll room > Ring Hand Bell > Search Remains > Inspect Object > Take Boots
Uses: Do not take damage from the goo on the floor in certain areas.

Description: It has seen better days, but it might still serve as a walking aid. Or as firewood.
How to get it: Southwest Area > Right > Right > Right > Right > Right > Up > Up > Right > Right > Up (through door) > Open Chest > Take Wooden Cane.

Description: N/A
How to get it:
Uses: One-time full heal.

Rusty Iron Key
Description: A simple key.
How to get it: Southwest catacombs > East > South > South > West > South > South > South > South > South > South > West > Use Door > Lockpick Door > Search Rubble > Read Book > Open Book > Next Page [x2] > Click on the key to take it.
Uses: Obtain Tornado Stone.

Tornado Stone
Description: An odd-shaped stone, engraved with a wind symbol.
Requirements: Rusty Iron Key.
How to get it: Southwest Catacombs > East > South > South > East > Use Door > Use Rusty Iron Key > Use Door > North > North > East > East > Take Object.
Uses: Unlock door on surface.

Magic Key
Description: Used to open a magical lock.
Requirements: Tornado Stone.
How to get it: Northwest Area > Right > Right > Down > Open Door > Examine Skeleton > Take Key.

Copper Tankard
Description: Used to hold beverages.
How to get it: Northwest Area > Right > Down > Left > Up through doorway > Search Barrels > Take Copper Tankard.
Uses: Fill with goo to break locks.

Poison Goo
Description: Don't drink it.
Requirements: Cane, Tankard.
How to get it: Southeast catacombs > West > North > North > North > North > East > East > Use Cane > Use Tankard.

Misc items
Note and Gold
Description: Note and small amount of gold that can be obtained in the quest.
How to get them: Northeast catacombs > West > West > North > Search Rubble > Search Skeleton > Open Pouch (For gold), Read Note (For note)

The note reads: "Nuk, you have won it fair and square. In the catacombs, find the carving of the emperor. From there, walk 20 paces south, and 40 paces west. Search the southern wall, it is behind one of the stones.

Description: A small amount of gold is available by the following method as well.
How to obtain: Southwest Catacombs > East > Search Rubble > Open Box

Broken Hilt
How to find shop: Southwest catacombs > East > South > South > East > South > South > West > Go Check It Out > Search Backpack.
Cost: 0 Gold.
Merge with Broken Blade.

Broken Blade
How to find shop:
Requirements: Poison Goo
Cost: 0 Gold.
Merge with Broken Hilt.

Weapon Rewards

Section 3:

3.1: I would like to thank:

I would like to thank:

  • False Reality, for suggesting the Sil Ruins section.
  • anyone who wrote the pages I have linked to in my guide;
  • anyone who has suggested anything to improve my guide, regardless of whether it has been added or not;
  • most of all, anyone who has used my guide.

I hope this guide is useful, if you have any suggestions/comments feel free to send me a PM.

Section 4:

4.1: Release Log

27 Aug 2010: Guide approved (Worship TLH!)
18 Jan 2011: Added PM Links & added the Release Log.
12 Feb 2011: Updated a few small things (Such as the Adept attacks :P), fixed some typos, checked links and improved the Walkthroughs.
2 Jan 2012: NEW YEAR YIPPEE! Added Ruins of Sil section (thanks False Reality!) and Fixed some typos.
14/03/15: No updates really needed on the guide. Will be working on a more in-depth guide for Sil Ruins over the next few days. Bear with while this is created.

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